14 People Admit the Celebrities They Just Can’t Stand

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1. Thoughts?

“F**k DJ Khaled, the biggest f**king loser out there.

Watch his Hot Ones episode for a glimpse past the illusion.”

2. Stuck up.

“Shania Twain.

I used to date a relative of hers and met her multiple times. She’s so beyond stuck up and full of herself, treats people as below her and not worth her time.

Quite literally raised her chin to look down her nose at people. It was really disheartening finding that out after growing up on her girl power.

3. Fake.

“Before the slap I would have said Will Smith. People have a different opinion of him now but before all that everyone mostly loved him. I always thought his persona was totally fake.

He’s like Tom Cruise. Smiley and friendly but nothing behind the eyes. A Patrick Bateman if you will. Not to mention his massive ego and terrible choice of roles.

He had a few great performances I’ll give him that but in the history of cinema he’s barely even a footnote in my opinion.”

4. Still relevant.

“Ryan Seacrest.

How is he relevant?

“Seacrest out”. What a d**che.”

5. Never heard of him.


He lives in the same city as me and is always very rude. He gets food where I work and he just comes across very arrogant and rarely ever tips. He gets frustrated whenever anyone recognizes him.

His videos are 100% publicity since he gets the money back. He has done good things but his ego is way too inflated. His staff is very rude as well.”

6. Mediocre.

“Jennifer Lopez.

I’ll watch some of her movies. I’ll listen to some of her songs but she’s a mediocre actress and a mediocre singer.

She’s aged well and has style but she’s a narcissistic s**t human being.”

7. Ugh.

“Conor McGregor.

He got whooped in his last fight by a fighter named Dustin. Conor sits there with a broken leg and starts shouting d**th threats to Dustin and his wife. “In your sleep you’ll get it. You and your wife” while he was making g** signs. Basically threatened to have Dustin and his wife k**led in their sleep.

The very next day Conor put up pictures of Dustin with his 5 y/o daughter and tweeted “I’m a nasty dude!” and “Gonezo”. I.e. more threats at I don’t even know what? Harming the 5 y/o girl? Harming Dustin so that his daughter won’t have a father?

Can’t stand this dude. But he’s got tens of millions of followers and d**hard fans.”

8. He’s everywhere.

“Kevin Hart.

Don’t find him funny and he’s everywhere which makes it worse.”

9. Yuck.

“Mark Wahlberg.

My high school won a contest for a Marky Mark concert back in the ’90s. We worked our a**es off to win it. He was a complete piece of s**t in every possible way when he did eventually perform.

Refused to enter the gym until a group of guys he didn’t like the look of were removed (although, to be fair, one of them did end up m**dering someone a few years later).

Was super late. Sang a total of 3 songs. Dissed a guy that everyone in the school adored because of his weight.”

10. Pretentious.

“Joanna Gains.

She feels very inauthentic and pretentious. Every scene of her and her kids feels so scripted to make her seem like a good parent but she comes across as fake.

Plus she doesn’t actually give the furniture and stuff to the homes she remodels. She “lets” them buy them from her or it goes back to her warehouse.

I know I’m in the minority on this since everyone I know thinks she and her husband are amazing, but she gives me “b**chy Karen” vibes.”

11. Enough.

“Nick Cannon.


Stop with the kids already.”

12. Angry.

“Whoopie Goldberg.

She used to have some very funny movies but now she just seems like a very angry person.”

13. Tired of him.

“Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

While I did enjoy his WWE run and some of his earlier movies before he became a huge hollywood actor and while I think he might really be a nice person, I just can’t stand his social media presence with his “brand” being that he is a nice guy and that he is the “greatest” actor of all time.

He gives a car to someone, he posts it, He gives a new house to his relatives, he posts it, He waves at a fan while on his car, he posts it. I think it really got to me once he started to promote Red Notice and Black Adam where he keeps saying his movie is the movie of the year, he is the best hero DC needs, I just got tired of him.”

14. Hmmm…


I think it’s funny/ironic Beyonce sells to women single life but sticks with her philandering husband.”

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