Is He Wrong for Showing Favoritism Toward His Grandkids? Here’s How People Responded.

Call me crazy, but I thought grandparents were SUPPOSED to show favoritism toward their own grandkids…


Well, I guess you just never know how people are going to react to anything these days, do you…?

Check out this grandfather’s story and see if you think he was out of line

AITA for showing favoritism toward my grandkids?

“My son married his high school girlfriend when he was 19. I told him I don’t approve of his choice for two reasons 1. He is too young 2. We never liked his girlfriend so I will never help him with anything

They have 2 kids Jonah(M17) and Laura(F16)

When Laura was born my son begged me for help because they couldn’t afford child care for 2 kids eventhough they both work full time and none of them can become a SAHP because they need the money. Even though I told him I won’t help I decided to help anyway because of my grandkids.

I hired a nanny for them. The problem is that whenever we were at their home I noticed that his wife only takes care of Jonah and leaves Laura completely to the nanny. I never saw her play with Laura or anything while she was always holding Jonah and playing with him

Once I told her it won’t kill her to touch her daughter sometimes which caused a huge fight between us and I fired the nanny and told them the only help I will give is that I will babysit Laura for them and pay for everything she needs but I won’t help with anything else. My wife and I took care of Laura more than her own parents did

My sweet daughter turned 16 a few months ago. I bought a car for her(she earned some of the money by helping me with my job and I paid for the rest)

Jonah is turning 18 in a few months and my son asked me to help buy a car for him. I told him I’m sorry but I won’t do that because I made it clear that I will only help with Laura’s expenses. He accused me of showing favoritism and and called me an ah being a terrible grandfather for giving one child a luxury life but not doing anything for the other one

I told him I’m doing this because he and his wife are terrible parents to Laura so someone needs to favor her.”

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