He Stood up for His Brother. Did He Act Like a Jerk?

Family dynamics are complicated but still, it can be hard NOT to stand up for a sibling, regardless of the things they’ve done

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But did he act like an a**hole when he defended his brother?

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AITA for defending my brother?

“I’m actually also surprised I’m defending my brother but here goes.

So my older brother had issues. He was essentially one of those bratty and evil kids you read stories about.

He got older and got into drugs and other illegal stuff. Our parents had enough and kicked him out after he became uncontrollable. It was mostly done for me as I was still pretty young.

We didn’t hear from or about him until he was in his early twenties. Turns out, he was married, had a good job and a kid on the way. Now he has 3 kids and is still happily married to a very lovely woman.

We see each other on Christmas, Easter, thanksgiving and a week during the summer but he mostly comes so our parents can see the kids. He usually doesn’t say anything and keeps to himself.

At first I was afraid, confused and resentful for a lot of things but I have since forgiven him. He’s not a bad guy-honestly never was. He just needed help.

My parents hosted thanksgiving and it was pretty normal. The usual.

All of a sudden, there’s a sound of glass breaking. My nephew accidentally dropped a plate while trying to help my mom set up.

My mom loses it. She starts yelling at him. The poor kid starts sobbing (he’s only 8) and runs to his mom.

My brother obviously asks our mom what that was about and that it was just an accident and my mom immediately goes “oh shut up, maybe if I yelled at you more you wouldn’t have made everyone’s life a living hell.”

My brother didn’t even react. He and his wife just gathered their kids and left. My mom immediately started to cry once she realized he wasn’t coming back and said that she didn’t deserve this and that he has no right to keep her away from her grandkids.

I told her that he actually does have the right to do that especially since she lost it on his innocent 8 year old son.

My mom started to cry even harder and said that she didn’t need my opinion and that she can’t believe I’m on his side after everything he did and everything she did to protect me from his addiction etc. “I kicked my child out of the house for you.” Is what she said. In a way, I guess she’s right.

I probably should’ve kept my mouth shut. But my brother has grown so much as a person and it didn’t feel right to hear her still blame him for the actions of his child/teenage self.


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