What’s the Scariest Thing That Ever Happened to You? Here’s What People Said.

I was in a car accident when I was 16-years-old and it was TERRIFYING.

Luckily, no one was seriously hurt, but it was a scary experience that really shook up all of us who were involved.

What’s the scariest thing that ever happened to you?

AskReddit users shared their stories.

1. Very scary.

“I had a heart attack at 25 years old on New Years Eve while I was at home on my own.

Wasn’t really feeling well during the day (a bit like a flu) so I cancelled my plans, and about 10 pm I started sweating uncontrollably and within half an hour had this indescribable pain in my chest. Between the panic and the pain I couldn’t really do much.

I absolutely thought I was going to d** on my own on NYE. I somehow managed to dial 000, and for a final joke to the situation, I went into cardiac arrest at exactly midnight.”

2. Creepy.

“When I was 7, I was playing in my grandpa’s front yard.

A random car pulled up beside me and and a young lady with an older man pulled out a rabbit in a cage and she said “hey do you want to pet my cute rabbit?” Being the foolish and naive youth that I was I approached the car and I was within an arms reach of the lady when my grandma came running out screaming at me.

I don’t remember what she said but I had never heard anything like that before. The car then sped off and my grandma ripped me from the pavement and took me inside

I’m so grateful she was there and I always think about how different my life would be had she have been a couple seconds later.”

3. Bad accident.

“Riding a bike home from Walmart getting hit by a truck, flying into a rock which fractured my skull and knocked out a piece of it which apparently saved my life cause my brain was swelling a lot.”

4. Close call.

“Knocked over a propane tank in the garage. Cracked the neck and it started off-gassing. It was between me and the door into the house (garage door was closed).

Cleared the door about a half-second before it ignited from the gas water heater’s pilot light. Lost all the hair on my face and got a burn on the hand I used to pull myself through the door. House was a total loss, but we all got out ok.”

5. Seizure.

“The most scared I’ve ever been was when one of my kids at the summer camp I worked at had a seizure while crossing the street, and hit their head on the curb while they fell.

Waiting for the paramedics to show up, and totally unable to help the unconscious child that I was responsible for I felt way more helpless than I did while handing my phone and wallet over to the a**hole who pulled a g** on me.”

6. Doing well now.

“Losing 3L of blood

I was on the way to the hospital for a routine checkup when I was 33 weeks pregnant. Wasn’t feeling too well so left a bit earlier

At the lights I suddenly gushed out all this blood. It was like a bucket pouring out blood

Husband ran the red light and got us to hospital.

Baby’s heart rate was very low and within 20 min they got her out via emergency c-section

She survived and they told me I had a total placenta abruption

Had we been at home we would have both died.

I had such an adrenaline rush that it took me days to actually realise how close to death we were.

That was a year ago and my daughter is doing well!”

7. Kidnapped.

“Got kidnapped by an ex-boyfriend who was weirdly obsessed with me when I was 16. He said he was 18, but was really 22.

He tricked me into taking a ride in his new truck to a store a few blocks away. Instead he drove out to the middle of nowhere and tried to rip off my clothes while screaming and crying at me. It got dark out, but he still wouldn’t let me leave.

I was convinced he was going to r**e me and then k**l me in a panic, so I told him I loved him but that my mom found out how old he was and made me break up with him. That I wanted to hide the relationship from her, but that it would be difficult to do if I wasn’t back in time for curfew, because she would ground me and take away my car.

He was so ecstatic that he immediately took me back to my car. I hid from him for a few years, but ran into him at a gas station when I was 19. I swear I could feel my heart stop beating. Years later I heard he was caught in an FBI sting for online predators and went to prison.”

8. Missed by inches.

“Nearly had a giant tree limb fall on me while doing my water meter rounds.

Heard an ear splitting crack above me, looked up, and jumped backwards just in time.

At a minimum I’d have been knocked out.”

9. Still think about it.

“When my daughter was 14 she attempted s**cide by taking a whole bottle of Benadryl pills.

In the 20 min it took me to get her to the ER she couldn’t walk or talk anymore. The nurse was trying to get her to drink some liquid charcoal but she wouldnt listen to the nurse. I took the cup & was coaxing her into taking some. She took 2 sips, looked at me, grabbed my hand then her eyes rolled into the back of her head & she started having a seizure.

I screamed for help & the room flooded with nurses & doctors. I was told to wait outside while they worked on her. They put her into a coma & cut off her clothes. She seized for 3-4 hours despite being given meds to stop them. She spent a week in the hospital before being sent to a psych hospital for 2 weeks. She’s 18 now & doing great. Seeing her face when she started seizing & then seeing her in a coma is something I cant get out of my head.”

10. A terrible memory.

“Was walking on the sidewalk near a freeway overpass when I heard an enormous crash.

A man, a 15-foot piece of guardrail, and a v8 motor came flying down from the freeway. I literally jumped out of the way as it landed on the spot I was just walking on. The guardrail made a huge gash in the sidewalk. I would have been squashed. The man was twisted in every direction. His body was ripped apart.

Apparently, he hit the guardrail in his car with such force the motor was ripped from the motor mounts, and he flew through the windshield.

It was right across from a fire station, but the guy was d**d. I just walked away, but it’s always been a terrible memory.”

11. Stalked.

“A man stalked me until he got my morning routine down.

I would wake up at 5, see my spouse off, workout in detached garage-type room for 2 or 3 hours, take our dog to the park, then work in the garden or house until my spouse came home in the afternoon.

That morning, my husband decided he wasn’t going to work. He woke up before me and left me in bed to sleep in. When he let the dog out, he noticed the door to my workout room was open ajar, but didn’t notice anything else wrong so he closed it, called the dog and came back inside to play video games.

The guy had been waiting for me in my workout room. He had heard someone come out, so he checked the back door and it was unlocked. He came into the house with his shoes off and his pants and belt undone and had taken one of my knives from the kitchen drawer.

When he rounded the corner to the living room, my husband and dog were there between him and me sleeping nude with the door open in the bedroom. They were taken totally off guard, the dog went into murder mode and my husband grabbed him and opened the door to get the guy outside and call the cops. Everything happened so quickly, it could have all gone down so differently.

This happened 8 years ago, but I’ve thought about it a lot recently with the U of I m**der stuff, and it gets to me. What if my husband hadn’t randomly decided to stay home that morning?”

12. Riptides are terrifying.

“Got pulled out by a riptide, inhaled a load of water and blacked out sinking in the sea.

Woke up on the beach to a lifeguard giving me CPR.”

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