14 People Ask Simple Questions They Think Are Tough To Answer

Just because a question sounds simple, or doesn’t have a ton of words involved, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to answer – in fact, I would submit that some of the hardest, most existential questions in the world are fairly simple.

In theory.

These 14 people are submitting their “simple” questions, many of which don’t even really have answers, if you ask me, but Reddit is going to give it a go.

14. This is a silly question.

Are you asleep? Sometimes it’s easy to answer.

Others fuggettabootit

13. It could be anything (or nothing).

What are you thinking about?

Thinking about thinking about what to answer this question with, as such now that I have answered with my response I am no longer thinking of a solution and am instead focusing on pressing the post button and continuing to scroll.

12. Just a few.

What is energy? What is light? What is life?

What is love?

Oh baby, don’t hurt me.

11. ‘No’ can be hard to say.

“Is your answer to this question ‘no’”?

10. Is this a simple question though?

There’s three boxes, one of them contains two solid colored billiard balls, the other one contains a striped and a solid, the last contains two striped balls.

If I pull one out without looking and it’s solid, what’s the chance of pulling another solid from the same box?

Well, I think it’s 1/2, but my friend thinks it’s 2/3. Since we each have a 50% chance of being right, the correct answer is 7/12.

9. Schrodinger’s nose.

If Pinocchio said “my nose is going to grow” would it grow or not?

A false prediction is not a lie so it would not grow…but if he knows it, then the prediction is knowingly false.

8. It feels like some kind of test.

What’s your music taste?

7. And you just freeze.

What makes you enjoy [insert hobby here]?

Uhhh shiny stuff makes my lizard brain happy?

I collect minerals.

6. I mean…yes?

Is water wet?

It is, always.

It’s wet by its own liquid properties and wets the rest of itself by the constant contact with the water molecules around it all the time.

No, the word “wet” doesn’t require wetting something out of water.

Except for a single molecule of water suspended in otherwise 100% dry air, water is always wet, at the very least by the rest of itself.

5. In the Midwest it’s just a greeting.

How are you ?

90% of the time the answer changes based on the person who is asking it, yet difficult to answer !

4. Overthinking it.

Whenever anyone ever says “any questions?” my go-to is “yeah: When you look at text in a mirror how come it’s reversed left to right but not top to bottom? How does the mirror know?”

(Btw I know the answer, I just love what a mad question it is, and out of context funny because it’s obviously a joke but at the same time…?!)

3. So played.

What are your weaknesses?


Interviewer: “I dont think honesty is a weakness”

Job applicant: “I dont really give a f**k what you think.”

2. What do you want to hear?

Did you do drugs in high school?

1. Now we all have an answer.

“What is best in life?”

Hint: “To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, to hear the lamentations of the women.” – Conan the Barbarian

Ah, now I’m having an existential crisis. How fun!

What’s your “simple” question that’s tough or impossible to answer? Drop it in our comments!