16 Questions People Haven’t Gotten Satisfying Answers To… But Now Some Have!

If you have a question that you’ve asked and asked, but none of the answers you’ve gotten are really making sense to you, well…have you thought of asking Reddit?

These 16 people brought some seriously thought-provoking questions to the table, and surprise!

Reddit thinks they’ve answered a good portion of them.

16. I never thought about it.

What were electric eels called before electricity was invented?


Banded knifefish from 1766 to 1864.

15. Don’t we all.

I used to have one as a child.

What are those weird looking things you could see when you are kinda looking directly at sunlight?

They look like transparent centipedes and circle bugs with definite boundary but transparent as a glass

I thought I had special powers and could see all the microorganisms like bacteria and virus and what not.

And later I came to know that they are just impurities inside your eye and you could see them when exposed at an angle to the light.

Now that we are in a pandemic, I wish I could see viruses.


They are called floaters or muscae volitantes. They’re not foreign materials, but bits of your own body that break loose – such as tiny portions of tissue, red blood cells, or protein – and end up in the gel-like vitreous humour that fills the space between the lens and the retina.

14. What is happening here?

If I slapped a chicken enough to cook it, would I also cook my hand?


I don’t know the cooking temperature for human meat because I don’t want the CIA to come after me when I look it up, but to answering your question yes.

13. Or cheating period?

What is enjoyable about cheating in online games?


I knew a guy that used wall hacks and aim bot on Counter Strike, way back when it was still a Half Life mod.

He wasn’t trying to win games, he just found it funny. It was trolling. He’d see how long it took for people to notice, and then argue with them when they called him out.

12. I had no idea.

Why do people need to solve mathematical equations to mine bitcoin?


The mathematical problems are all part of a concept called “Proof of work”. The mathematical problems are hard to solve but easy to verify, they’re used to prevent fraudulent Bitcoin transactions from being added to the blockchain ledger.

If, for example, you wanted to fraudulently add some transactions to the network, you’d need to expend computing power to solve the proof of work but it can be easily checked by another node on the network, if it’s found to be fraudulent the transaction block is rejected.

11. Surely someone knows.

Why is my speaker is making this annoying whining sound?


Could be an electrical short.

Could also be that the audio source is picking up on the sound from the speakers, causing a feedback loop.

Could also be that your speakers are playing an audio track of an annoying whining sound.

10. Define healthy.

Do people who are 100% physically healthy exist?

People lacking any identifiable disease, defect or disorder that has or may have a negative effect on their well-being?

9. Now I need to know, too.

What do british people throw at strippers?!

All of their singles are coins!

8. This oughta be good.

What is the opposite of “Florida man”?


Okay, so let’s work this out. We associate the Florida Man with bizarre, criminal acts. Florida is a rich hub of western society.

So I propose a potential antithesis of this could be Myanmar Girl.

Despite their recent troubles, Myanmar is a country that was once voted as having some of the most caring, altruistic people in the world. It is neither in the west nor is it a hub of anything. And young girl is sort of the opposite of grown man.

Myanmar Girl protects parents from wild boar attack. Donates pig carcasses to village feast. etc

7. You might want to see someone.

So I had a pimple on my nose a few years ago and popped it. It’s left behind a bump. Like an air bump which won’t go. So far no ones been able to give me an answer on how to get rid of it.


It could be:

An oil pocket
A blood pocket
Scar tissue
As another poster said, please see a dermatologist.

6. Do you really need to know?

How does Gravity work?

The annoying thing is that there’s two possible explanations – one that posits that gravity is a thing like magnetism but that every atom has, and one that posits that gravity isn’t a force but a feature of atoms that distorts space around them.

And the fact that these are so different yet neither has been proven wrong should tell you how much we know about gravity.

5. Existential dread sets in.

How do you know that the color orange you see is the same color orange I see?

What if everyone sees different colors and the learned names are the only thing that is the same.

I had an existential crisis as a child when I tried to ask this and no one understand what I was asking.

4. No one has an answer, I’m afraid.

I really want to know if there is a name for those little frilly bits of skin you sometimes get above your fingernails.

The ones that, if you were careful, you could peel all the way up to your shoulder.

I want to put the hangnail argument to bed – the things I am talking about are not them.

3. That’s a big question.

What existed before the Big Bang? What was there? Did anything else exist before our universe?


What existed before the Big Bang? What was there? Did anything else exist before our universe?
The rules that apply to stuff IN the universe may not apply to the universe itself.

The rule, you can’t get something from nothing, may not be a rule that applies to the universe.

So The Big Bang may be the literal first moment. Scientists don’t know for sure.

Or, it may merely be a localized beginning in an eternal universe, in which it is our beginning but not the beginning.

2. You knew someone was going to swoop in.

“Where was Gondor when the Westfold fell?”

Gondor was defending the passes of Anduin the Great at Cair Andros and Osgiliath and was in no position to offer military aid to the west of Rohan. (This applies to both the movies and the books.)

1. Alternate worlds theory?

Why does de ja vu seem so accurate and creepy?

These are some really interesting queries, don’t you think?

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