14 People Describe The Things They Saw On The Internet That Disturbed Them As Kids

Sure, there are plenty of good things about the internet, but most of us also realize that there is also really no depth to the depravity of what some people will use it for, either.

Many of us find that out the hard way when, as naive kids, we click on something that will end up messing with our heads for years to come.

Fair warning: none of these 14 memories are going to be easy to stomach, so scroll with caution!

14. I never want to see that.

“I Feel Fantastic”. Watched that video as a kid before going to bed and was too scared to even move.

it’s an old youtube video of this human-sized robot/doll thing singing “I feel fantastic. Hey Hey Hey” in the corner of a room. Very fucking weird and unsettling, especially because if it’s voice

13. She can’t shake it.

Well, when I was about 11, I had a Reddit account and I decided to post a picture of myself and the stuff I got told by some adult men will always be in the back of my mind

12. It’s always the sounds.

Liveleak beheadings.

I will never get the image out of my head the first time I saw it happen. The guy was literally kneeling down, arms tied behind his back, staring at the camera while surrounded by these member of ‘Al-Qaeda’, without much clue of what was being said to the camera. Less than a minute later his head was cut off with a knife.

The image of it happening and sounds he made are something that will stick with me forever.

I get a combination of feeling sick to be stomach and absolute outrage whenever I think of it

11. They’re actually everywhere.

The real knowledge that pedophiles exist on the internet and theres a lot more of them than anyone would like to think.

10. At least it had a happy ending?

Rotten.com, the guy with the glass jar up his arse. And one from when I was a little older, a cop in an Asian country, he was ran over by a car and everything from the waist down was gone.

He was alive and kept touching it trying to work out what was happening. No one bothered to stop and see if he was ok or needed help, people just kept driving and walking past him.

He ended up surviving somehow.

9. Horrific in their own ways.

Video of a guy who was driving and a brick falls off the truck in front of him and hits his wife.

Not as bad as when I saw the Christchurch massacre video before it hit the international news… I came across it as it was happening.

I’m not a particular religious person. But seeing so many innocent people slaughtered in there place of worship was beyond sad

8. A short list.


Blue Waffle

2 girls 1 cup

7. Happens every day.

Honestly just seeing how vile people get when they have anonymity.

Give a man a mask and he’ll show you his true colours – Oscar Wilde

6. Way too young.

When I was in fifth grade(9 years old), some kind of virus took over my phone where everytime I opened chrome, this one pornography website’s home page would open up. Closing or changing tabs didn’t do anything and I even deleted chrome but to no avail.

Luckily, they weren’t actually doing it or even completely naked on the home page itself but seeing those pictures for like a month scarred me.

Didn’t tell anyone cuz they’d assume I was actually watching that stuff and I think downloading cleanmaster took care of it but still.

5. He messed up his friends, too.

Not quite a “kid” kid, but when I was 17 I stumbled upon a video of a man jumping from a dry dam, he sort of skids downward, and once he reaches the bottom, his head explodes. It happens rather quickly but it’s obvious what’s going on.

Of course, I brought this video up to my buddies, and they, too, wanted to see it. One of them, the biggest, burliest of the group, didn’t really react initially, but several days later he pulled me aside and said “That video we watched…it didn’t really hit me until the ride home that night. Then it messed me up.”

But yeah, that one in particular has stuck.

4. Some friends.

A friend of mine and his buddy had me watch that neo nazi beheading video. That f**ked me up quite a lot. I wouldn’t of watched it if I’d of know what it was.

At the time I didn’t really understand that kinda torture existed and they just put it on.

3. A rush of anxiety.

A Lot of different shock sites, as well as reddit 50/50

Probably the one with the most long-term results is the video associated with the User 666 creepypasta. To this day, I still can’t completely watch it without getting a rush of anxiety

2. I hope they got to play eventually.

I remember when I was like ten and I found out what emulators were. This was in the early days of the internet, when there was absolutely nothing you could do to stop 50 pop ups from forcing their way onto your screen.

Anyway, I wanted to download an emulator so I could play Sonic the Hedgehog. The first link I clicked plastered like 10 of the same porn ad of a girl shoving an apple up her ass onto my computer monitor.

I just wanted to play sonic the hedgehog…

1. So many creeps.

Very young me coming across the images for Jeff the Killer and the Russian Sleep Experiment.

I don’t mind most creepypasta type images anymore but those two still scare me.

The Russian Sleep Experiment picture will never NOT give me the creeps. I know it’s a Halloween decoration they edited to make more creepy or something (I looked it up a while back because it was driving me nuts), but something about it sets off the panic button in my brain to this day.

Y’all, I could have done without the descriptions on most of these, if I’m being honest.

What about you? What did you see as a kid that you really shouldn’t have? Tell us about it in the comments!