16 Of The Most “Blessed” And Heartwarming Pictures On The Internet

Given the current state of the world and the way we’re all just hanging on by a thread (I know it’s not just me), I would say that now more than ever, it’s the sweet and heartwarming reminders we need about the world.

If you’re feeling like you’ve had enough of the dreary doom and gloom, we think these 16 pictures could be the answer – they’re sweet and wholesome, and who couldn’t use more of that?

16. This is the educator we all deserve.

Out there doing the good work.

blessed_halloween from blessedimages

15. He is the king of all he surveys.

And we shall all do what he says.

Blessed king from blessedimages

14. I love a happy ending.

Those little teal feathers are killing me.

Blessed_babies from blessedimages

13. I would look at this every day.

And hate it so much when they updated the image.

blessed google maps from blessedimages

12. Everyone deserves respect.

I would like to know what evidence you have against the bird though, sirs.

Blessed_Arrest from blessedimages

11. You can tell how many people have touched the dog.

He’s just glowing.

Blessed_statue from blessedimages

10. Happy doggo.

I bet he came in and jumped right on the bed, too.

Blessed_rain from blessedimages

9. OK this would freak me out.

Like you definitely have a ghost that has a way with cats.

Blessed_belly from blessedimages

8. Did you expect her to eat it off the floor?

You know she’s not an animal.

Blessed_cracker from blessedimages

7. Oh my god, y’all.

This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Blessed meeting from blessedimages

6. Well this is stinking adorable.

I want to hear the whole story immediately.

Blessed_friends from blessedimages

5. It’s an actual miracle.

I cannot imagine how happy they were to see him.

Blessed_ashes from blessedimages

4. He’s totally going to poop on that phone.

Or on your hand. Either way.

Blessed_tweet from blessedimages

3. One more time for the people in the back.

And the men in marriages they don’t realize are in unhappy marriages everywhere.

Blessed_sign from blessedimages

2. That’s it, I need a cow.

That is the sweetest face ever.

Blessed_Cow from blessedimages

1. She looks so stinkin proud.

It does my heart good.

Blessed_Duckmother from blessedimages

Ahhh, I don’t know about you, but it sure feels good to just smile, right?

Where do you go to restore your faith in humanity? If you’ve got a secret spot, share it with us in the comments!