14 People Discuss the Unsolved Mysteries They’d Like to See Solved in Their Lifetime

I’m obsessed with unsolved mysteries!

And, just to be clear, I’m talking about the old TV show hosted by Robert Stack AND actual unsolved mysteries. From like, real life.

And there are so many to dig into!

What mystery would you like to see solved?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. True crime mystery.

“It’s old news but I genuinely want to know who the Zodiac K**ler was.

It’s probably impossible at this point but I would love to know.”

2. Creepy.

“I was a little kid when JonBeńet Ramsey was m**dered and I’ve always wanted them to really figure out who the k**ler was.

They’re never going to figure this one out. Patsy passed away. John and Burke are never talking if they know anything.

The crime scene is too convoluted to make a definitive case. There are no more leads to follow up on”

3. Very strange.

“Shelly Miscavige. What happened to her? Is she dead?

Is she being held captive? She hasn’t been confirmed seen since 2007. Local police went to look for her because a missing persons was filed. They said they saw her and everything is fine.

However, the police were Scientologists. No one has publicly seen her that I’m aware of. Certainly no proof.”

4. Art heist.

“The theft from the Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990.

My gut tells me that paintings have been destroyed which is devastating.”

5. Hoffa.

“What actually happened to Jimmy Hoffa?

I have my own thoughts frlm my dad’s stories from working for a Mob owned construction company.

But I still want to know what happened.”

6. A really scary one.

“The Delphi m**ders.

What a f**ked up crime.

Those girls deserve justice, and their families deserve peace.”

7. From France.

“In Nantes, in France, in 2011, a whole family disappeared. The mother and the four children were found dead by gunshot wound under a concrete slab in the garden of the family house.

The father, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, is responsible for the m**der of his whole family (we are 99,9% sure of it). The mystery is not the motive but what happened to him.

It’s been 10 years and apart some proofs he fled away in the first few days (a picture of him at an ATM from a surveillance picture for example), no trace of him was ever found since.”

8. Down by the river.

“A 16 year old girl was found rolled up in a rug, deceased, down by the river in my county. Cops hid the truth that they were using her (a freaking kid) as a confidential informant.

Witnesses fishing down by the river that night saw two police cars stop in the location the body was found. The sheriff that was using her, investigated her d**th, tried to lay blame on her father, but the answer is still unknown.

That sheriff said it was a closed case even tho the father was never tried etc. Dirtiest cop I have ever seen and he got away with a lot of c**p. Would love to see the case investigated by an outside source and solved.”

9. Freaky!

“I want them to dig on Mars.

They only analyze rocks from the surface but I’m pretty sure that if you dig really deep, there are some dead Martian animals from 4 billion years ago when Mars had oceans and stuff.”

10. Spooky.

“The case of The Oakland County Child K**ler.

In 1976 and 1977 in Detroit’s wealthiest and safest suburbs, kids were snatched off the streets in broad daylight only to be found days later dead (after being alive that whole time!).

It was supposedly never solved, but there’s accusations of police coverups and all kinds of things”

11. Let’s go to the future.

“Cryogenic stasis.

If it were developed right now, I would say goodbye to my family/friends and hop right on in for at least 100 years.

Show me the future baby.”

12. What happened?

“William Tyrell.

I think the police know what happened, but are waiting on the final piece of evidence to finally charge someone with the crime.

I think there is a lot more involved than the story they have fed us about him being randomly abducted from the front of his home. His sister is the key to the whole thing.”

13. The children.

“Beaumont Children.

There are theories that it was Bevan Spencer Von Einem (he’d have been around the right age and general looks) but he totally denied it and his conviction was for the assault/m**der of a young boy whereas witnesses that saw “The Man” with the Beaumonts was overly interested in the elder daughter and most predators that are “into” that age range tend to have strong preferences for one gender or the other.””

14. Hometown story.

“I really want to see the disappearance of Sarm Heslop solved.

Why? Well it happened near my hometown which peaked my initial interest, and it just feels so freaking obvious that I just want it to be solved because if it’s not who I think it is I’m eating my own toes.

So basically, this woman, Sarm Heslop, a UK national lived with her US citizen bf, Ryan Bane, in some boat/catamaran off of the coats of St. John, USVI. On March 8th Ryan reports her missing, and soon searches are underway in both St. Thomas and St. John

The details:

Ryan claims they went to dinner, and both of them got back on the boat (Official)

The police say that they have no confirmation that they were both on the boat when Ryan said they were (Official)

At the time of her disappearance all of her belongings were still on the boat (Official)

He allegedly tried to point the finger at some local (black) men, and the suspicions were then directed to people on island, but that quickly fell short (Unofficial, but corroborated by many on island)

The VIPD doesn’t hold him in custody, says that they’re tracking him and knows where he is (official)

He’s out and seen publicly partying and having himself a ball (unofficial)

He also refused to help look for her/cooperate (allegedly he was being very difficult with questioning) (somewhat reported, but corroborated by Sarm’s friends and locals)

There was a nine hour delay in stating her as missing to the public and preparing a search (official)

He doesn’t allow the VIPD to check his boat, at all, despite him being a person of interest. The VIPD says they couldn’t search without a warrant and had to be turned back (Official)

Allegedly screaming was heard from their boat in the wee hours of the morning (He claims that he noticed her missing at around 2AM) (Unofficial)

He has had previous DV charges after being reported by his ex-girlfriend who states that he threw her on the ground and smashed her head into the ground during a fight (Official)

The last time I checked, he then sailed off from the territory and the FBI doesn’t know of his exact whereabouts (Official).”

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