14 People Discuss What They Think They’ll Be Nostalgic for in 40 Years

It’s hard to imagine what the world will be like in 40 years, but dangit, we’re gonna give it our best shot today.

Well, we’re not, but other folks are and we’re all gonna read it together.

Are you ready to take a trip into the future?

Folks on AskReddit opined about what they think people will be nostalgic for in 40 years.

1. I sure hope not.

“Privacy and freedom of speech & opinion.”

2. Sounds bleak to me.

“Winters, cheap drinking water, the many varieties of vegetables.”

3. Goodbye to gas.

“Pumping gas in a car.

Electric will take over soon.”

4. This sounds scary.


Most people fail to realize what is happening in industry. They are blaming other people and countries, but the truth is, along aside the technical revolution of phones has been the technical revolution of industry.

Industrial level stepper motors and servos have become so cheap, along side multi core 64 bit control boards, which are so cheap they are essentially disposable, that entire swaths of the labor pool have already been replaced by computers.

The issue here is these incredible control boards are continuing to get better and cheaper, and the software is getting better. Every day the march of technology continues, the closer it comes to replacing Jobs we traditionally think as unreplaceable.

Computers don’t need a break, they rarely make a mistake, and they are cheaper than your labor. We are <10yr from massive disruption in some of the largest employment vectors, like transportation, that is going to put a lot of people out of work.”

5. I hope bookstores never go away.

“Barnes and Noble.

They’re the last major chain bookstore, and they’re not doing well. The one where I am is going out of business after 20 years.

There will not be a bookstore in my city. I’m in a suburb to LA, so not in the middle of nowhere.”

6. The golden age of memes.


We are gonna look back on old memes and yearn for the simple good ole days.

Memes have already transformed and become something completely different then what they used to be a few years ago”

7. Going to disappear…

“Four decades will place us in 2060, around ten years after human society starts to unravel as climate change has begun to seriously affect our planet and everyone that lives in it.

People will be nostalgic about the political stability, the fact that people were still eager to help each other, countries sending mutual aid to one another in times of need. That’s going to disappear.

And we may laugh now, we may not be doing so with 50 million refugees who need somewhere to live.”

8. Climate change is real.

“People are going to be nostalgic about winters.

In some places, snow won’t fall anymore. It’ll be cold, sure. But there won’t be snow.

Entire generations will grow up asking their parents and grandparents about what snowy winters were like.”

9. Interesting.

“As much as people won’t want to admit it, but democracy. Whether we want it to or not, democracy has to go if Western countries are to remain somewhat stable.

Climate change and its associated effects require long term planning and that is something that can’t be done when politicians are more interested in their own reelection. What will happen though isn’t something that we imagine dictatorships are now.

There’s no central figure. There’s no secret police, no government repression, but a mutual understanding that what we need and what must be done require sacrifices to be made.”

10. Good point.

“This pandemic.

Not realizing that “stay home ” could have made for quality time with loved ones.”

11. This is a tragedy.

“Going to the movie theatre or to the mall.

I don’t think they will be around past this decade.

Streaming services and online shopping are already causing a lot of theatres and malls to close.”

12. An urban world.

“Rural areas.

Majority of the world is migrating to urbanization.

“Dude, remember we used to tip cows!””

13. Could get ugly…

“Water that is free.

Wars not being fought over the limited resources created by climate change and climate refugees.

Humans not dying by the millions due to dehydration and exposure.”

How about you?

What do you think you’ll be nostalgic for in 40 years?

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