14 People Name Things Everyone Is Right To Despise

With almost everything in life, there are two sides. People who like it, people who don’t, and those who don’t really have an opinion – and in those situations, most of us can agree to disagree and mind our own business.

Other times, though, there’s more at stake – or one side doesn’t have any redeeming qualities at all – and these people say that in these 14 instances, there’s no reason to reserve judgement.

14. Single handedly filling landfills.

CVS receipts.

13. They’re not even hiding it.

Nestle. The depths of their crimes against humanity go on and on and on.

Far too many people I know are still buying nestle products and don’t even know that they deserve hate.

12. They’re playing the long game.

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

They’re still very much active including their various construction enterprises. Even after Warren Jeff’s imprisonment for pedophilia.

11. Hello, conspiracies.

Ghislaine Maxwell.

Who is, i believe, presently on suicide watch, so that she can’t kill herself the way Jeffrey Epstein didn’t.

10. You hate to hear it.

“Tick. They’re completely useless and just bring sickness.”

Unfortunately they are a very important part of their ecosystem.

They take nutrients from higher up in the food chain and redistribute it lower in the food chain and are important sources of nutrition for a lot of animals like grouse, turkeys, chickens, lizards, snakes, frogs, and others.

9. A nice big fat one.

Youtube’s unskipable ads. Every time they interrupt a vid.. i wish that the owner of youtube gets cold coffe and gets slapped in the face with a tuna.

8. It will make you rage.


7. I mean just all of them.

Politicians. Specifically people losing their ever loving minds every 4 years over absolutely GARBAGE human beings.

6. Waited too long to find this one.

People who chew with their damn mouth open.

If I hear you chewing, know that I am currently imagining your death.

Family does not get a pass.

NO one gets a pass on that. Add that I suffer from misophonia, double whammy.

I call people out on that & have no shame doing it.

5. I do believe this is his full name.

The convicted rapist Brock Turner.

Brock Turner who got caught raping behind a dumpster, and was convicted of rape? That rapist Brock Turner?


People who for some reason STILL cough/sneeze without covering their mouth.

3. Like they used to do with pirates.

Mosquitoes – – – I keep a dead one above my bed, just to remind the other little f**kers what’s in store for them.

2. I mean the absolute gall.

People who do not use headphones in public when listening to whatever.

1. Money talks.

Saudi Arabia, doesn’t even get a fraction of the hate it deserves as they can always manipulate everyone and everything with money (I was born and raised there).

I don’t think I’d want to hear the arguments from anyone who disagreed with these, would y’all?

What else belongs on this list? I’m sure there are more things to universally hate, so drop them in the comments!