He Refused to Eat the Dish His Boyfriend Preordered at a Restaurant. Is He Wrong?

Have you ever preordered a meal at a restaurant?

I personally have not, but I guess it happens in some places.

And this man wants to know if he’s an a**hole for refusing to eat a dish that his boyfriend preordered for him.

Let’s see what went down.

AITA for refusing to eat a dish my boyfriend pre-ordered at a restaurant?

“I feel like this is stupid, but there’s been a lot of drama because of this so I just wanna get some clarity on if I’m the a**hole or not.

My boyfriend and I (both 22M) are currently on an extended weekend trip, to celebrate finishing our exams yesterday and just unwind a bit. When we made plans a few weeks ago he excitedly told me that he knew a great restaurant for peking duck and asked if I wanted him to make a reservation there. I said sure, not thinking anything of it and pretty much forgetting about it until yesterday evening.

I don’t wanna share too much about where we live and where we went, but basically we left immediately after our morning exams and got on a train that took about 6 hours. When we got to the hotel we unpacked and after just chilling for half an hour he told me we had to get ready and then go quickly to not miss our reservation at 7pm. It was a bit hectic, but we arrived in time.

When we sat down I looked at the menu and asked what he was thinking of getting. He looked at me confused and said “Well the duck obviously? That’s why we’re here, but we can order some appetisers if you’re very hungry.” I told him “Yeah maybe some dim sum and then I was thinking of having the spicy noodles.” He then said “What do you mean? We’re both having the duck?”

To which I told him I wasn’t really feeling the duck but he could go ahead and order it himself. He got kinda snappy with me, though not anything crazy and told me that peking duck was a dish that had to be preordered and that they also don’t do half portions.

It’s a whole duck and he wasn’t gonna be able to eat all of it. I asked if he could get something else and he said no, he already agreed to pay for it by preordering, he also asked me to just get the duck so it wouldn’t be wasted. I told him I’m sorry and that I didn’t know that, but that I didn’t wanna eat the duck.

He then got really mad, saying that he explicitly asked me if I wanted to do this, and that if I didn’t he wouldn’t have made this reservation and spent 80 euro on a duck I wasn’t gonna eat. I told him sorry again, but that I wasn’t gonna eat the duck.

For the rest of the dinner he pretty much gave me a cold shoulder and now he’s still not really talking to me. AITA?”

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