14 People Need Midwesterners to Answer These Questions as Soon as Possible

Every region in the United States has a “thing.” Sometimes, that thing is a thing they’ve branded and adopted themselves, and other times it’s a stereotype that other people giggle about behind their backs.

Which is not to say it isn’t true.

And if you’re a Midwesterner, well… the internet has some very valid questions for you to answer.

14. Bahaha it’s my living room.

Take that!

13. I just had to say this out loud to check.

Yep. It’s true.

12. This really is a good question.

Also why did our grandmothers keep dishes of harda$s carAmels?

11. It’s like a compulsion.

A really polite thing that we must do.

10. This just made me laugh.

If you don’t think this is fun I think there’s something wrong with YOU.

9. It’s a country thing, I think.

My grandmother has always done it.

8. Wasn’t that on a SNL skit?

Or maybe I’m thinking of the genie in Aladdin?

7. I don’t.

But I have an uncle who IS a d%ck.

6. Because there is always a Walmart.

It’s sad but true.

5. Wait other people don’t say that?

I am gobsmacked.

4. We love to buy in bulk.

And sometimes it’s too cold to go to the grocery.

3. We use a lot of words.

Mostly when we’re worried we’re being rude.

2. I do not find this to be true.

People are much more hesitant in the rain.

1. You just answered your own question.

What else would we put on salad? Or carrots? Or fries? Or…?

As a Midwesterner, I promise you there are very valid answers to all of these!

Where are you from? If you’re from the Midwest, how would you answer these? Tell us in the comments!