14 People Recall Memories From Childhood That Are Darn Near Universal

It’s a sad fact that, when many people look back on their childhood, they find more bad memories than good – at least, those are the ones that stick out.

This thread on Reddit is pretty amazing for pointing out not only great feelings of nostalgia that lurk in the past, but that there are some things that almost all of us experienced and might have forgotten.

cIf you’re looking to recall some of the magic of childhood, these 14 memories should do the trick.

14. Better than toys!

Playing in/ with a box.

13. So weird, right?

Having a wiggly tooth.

And when it’s super wiggly, pushing it “out” with your tongue and then returning it back to its place, still attached.

12. You’re just learning about awkward.

Thinking someone is your mom or dad and then realizing it’s not.

Calling your teacher mum by accident.

My brother hugged a guy from behind thinking it was our dad (to be fair, both had Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, and sandals), and the guy awkwardly looks behind him to see some adolescent boy hugging him, and just says “uh…peace, man” and holds up a peace sign.

11. Then you were free to laugh.

The occasional random awkward silence in class until someone says “Why’d it get quiet”

I vividly remember that happening once – aged 12 – and the reason it had gone quiet was that the most fearsome teacher in the whole school had walked into the room.

I can’t explain how terrified we all were of this teacher and we all felt that lad’s utter horror when he realised his mistake.

10. Surreal events.

Making friends with other kids at a public pool or playground and never seeing them again.

Or a hotel while on vacation.

9. Every single time.

connecting the markers into really long “lightsabers”

And then trying to swing it and having the entire thing just fall apart in your hands.

8. Reliving this with my boys now.

Floor is lava and keep the balloon in the air.

7. It really stings!

Skinning the palms of your hands on the pavement. More specially the lower palms. Either tripping, falling off your bike, falling down in general.

That burn and stinging and the scraps with just a little blood and grime.

6. And sometimes you do.

Randomly thinking “I will remember this moment for the rest of my life” and it’s just you staring at a couch or something.

I specifically remember sitting on the toilet when I was maybe 7 yo looking at my shorts thinking I was going to remember these shorts and this moment.

25 years later, I remember the moment and decibel don’t remember what the shorts looked like.

5. Man, they live for those years, too.

Thinking that teenagers are really cool.

I remember on my first day of 9th grade, an older teenager with a wispy mustache bumped into me in the cafeteria line and he said in a shitty British accent “ah, excuse me, my good man.”

And I just thought man, this place is classy.

4. This changes way too fast.

Being gifted a small amount of money and thinking you were rich.

I grew up in a third world country. I vacationed in the States for the first time when I was a fifth grader in 2009. Since the trip coincided with my birthday, I was given a birthday card and in it was $25 given by my cousins who migrated there.

When we flew back home, I converted it with Dad to the local currency and I used it to buy 3 litres of Mountain Dew and a ton of junk food for my friends and I. Hung out by the river and consumed it throughout the afternoon lol.

Good times.

3. Smells like childhood.

The smell of crayons and play-doh!

2. Those poor substitutes.

how exciting it was walk into your class and see a substitute

1. That’s a whole other therapy session.

Hiding in department store clothes racks. My mom would pretend she couldn’t find me and move on. She tried to lose me a LOT.

Y’all, there really was some kind of magic about being a kid, wasn’t there?

I wish we would live in a world where every kid got a childhood full of these memories and nothing else – maybe some day!