14 People Recall the Wildest Scandal at Their High School

No matter where and when you went to high school, there’s always some scandal that defines your years in those hallowed halls. It might be small, in comparison to some, but still, you can’t forget it.

If you’re curious where your school’s worst/best moment lands on a sliding scale, check out the memories from these 14 high school grads.

14. I guess he wanted a grand exit.

An English teacher would make out with a student during his planning period while his wife was teaching classes next door. After school, he would make excuses to his wife about having to stay late at school and meet the student at hotel rooms.

He was led out of the school in handcuffs in front of the entire school. Funny enough, the cops gave him the opportunity to go out the back door of the school and not make a scene but he refused.

13. That was one wild ride.

The football star at my high school was accused of sexually assaulting a 4 year old child and went to jail for it based off very little evidence. He was sentenced to 25 years. It was my junior year, and It was his senior year. He had a full ride scholarship to play football and he (along with everyone else) REALLY thought he’d make it to the NFL.

He served 3 years of that sentence when the county’s new DA looked over his case and saw that there was basically no evidence, so he was released. This was in summer 2017 and he was officially exonerated last year. Turns out it was his best friend, who looked just like him and lived with him, who did it. Dude is doing really well now. His girlfriend stuck with him through the WHOLE thing and they’re married now.

There’s actually a documentary on Showtime about it that just came out.

12. I guess he was the one.

One of the girls was screwing the IT admin (she was 16-17 when that started).

Heard an update from an old classmate nearly twenty years later and not only have they stayed together, they’re married, got three kids and live the upper middle class-suburban dream life.

11. The face I just made.

Girls’ track coach gave members of the girls’ track team rides home and “massages.”

Got escorted out of the school in cuffs one day.

10. This sounds like some choice parenting.

I actually witnessed this so…

Two students with mental disabilities went to the toilet together. Exactly what you think happened happened. The teachers forced the door open to stop them.

End result of this, the parents of both students each argued that neither had the capacity to give concent.

Both students were sent to court on rape charges against each other, of course it was their parent’s choice to do this.

Charges were dismissed in the end though.

But that was one hell of a month for everyone in the know.

9. I really hate people sometimes.

Our science teacher was a pornstar in a past life. Someone in the school found a video she was in in his dads porn stash. It was a huge scandal in our conservative town. She was let go which sucked because she was really an excellent teacher.

It became a national news story. She was on Dr. Phil about it. Despite numerous campaigns by the students she was never hired back.

8. Why would he do that?

Students got caught screwing behind the theatre by the vice principal. He went on the PA system to “Remind all students to refrain from doing anything inappropriate while at school or in the theatre room”. You could hear the entire school erupt in laughter. No one knew who it was though.

7. Of course she did.

Not even a scandal, just a widely accepted rumor. English teacher was purported to select one male per senior class to try and woo and sleep with. My friend claimed his older brother was that year’s selection, prodding him to strive to do the same.

Unfortunately for him, another (uninterested) buddy actually was. Resulting in her petting his arm, giggling at his jokes, bending over in front of him, etc. She left to become a principal At a different district a few years later

6. I think we all know.

A teacher who was always suspected of having inappropriate relationships with students managed to get on the wrong plane with a student during the senior trip.

They ended up in Greece when everyone else was in Italy. Nine months later she had a baby but didn’t tell anyone who the father was..

5. Been there, got the t-shirt.

Kids had s^x on a bus.

Led to a lot of news beyond our immediate area.

There was also potentially a graphic T made that said <School region> know how to ride the bus.

4. The number of these stories is appalling.

One of the PE teachers was very not-secretly in a relationship with one of the upper 6th girls (US Senior.)

The day after she left school he left his missus and he and the girl shacked up and later married. Last I looked they were still happily married with a couple of kids.

3. He got away with everything!

Dubbed the “Urinator” they kept finding urine puddles in the school hallways, stairwells, and the handicap elevator.

The school had cameras everywhere but they never saw someone just peeing in the hallway. No one knew how it kept happening without someone being caught.

Turns out someone was peeing in a Gatorade bottle and in between classes when halls were full they would just randomly spill it somewhere and no one around them noticed. The method only got found out when the bottle with some left overs was found in a trash. But they still never found who actually was doing it.

2. But like why.

Somebody pooped in a Pringle’s can and hid it in the bathroom.

Once you pop you can’t stop, right? 🙂

1. When you’re seen Tangled just too many times.

This happened after I graduated but a student attacked another student with a frying pan.

There weren’t any frying pans in the school so it had to be a premeditated frying pan attack.

I think my high school was pretty tame!

Where does yours fall? I want to know in the comments!