Tumblr Breaks Down The USA And Why It’s Wildly Different From Every Other Country

The United States is definitely a hodgepodge of sorts. The country is made up of people who hail from so many ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds… and we also just have a certain flair for being a little extra.

One person on Tumbler recently took it upon themselves to explain the one thing that makes the USA so wildly different from other countries.

Other people chimed in to offer supporting details and facts. Once you read it all together, you definitely come away from the experience with a new understanding of how the rest of the world sees the United States.

For starters: you do realize that the United States is actually just a bunch of tiny countries, right?

Anyone who has ever moved out of state, even if it’s just to one state over, is already nodding along.

In fact, no one even contradicted the original post. Instead, people just kept sharing it because when something’s true, it’s really true.

Also, it kind of explains a lot about those of us who live in the States.

Another person went ahead and added an epic amount of hashtags to really illustrate the point. They’re pretty good:

Others started to chime in with their own experiences that only serve to back up the original point: the United States is a myth! It’s just a myth that most of us participate in.

People also started to point out how true the idea of 50 separate countries really is, especially when you think about how the states do (and do not) interact with one another.

Honestly, once you start thinking about this, so much of how life happens in the USA begins to make sense.

Eventually, you find yourself wondering, “Why can’t we just get along?”

At least Tumblr has finally tried to make Florida make sense.

Well… kind of.

Does the United States make a lot more sense to you now? Let us know what you think about this theory in the comments!