14 People Share Bad Things That Have Become So Commonplace That They Aren’t Considered Bad Anymore

I’m not really a weed smoker, but I think it’s great that marijuana continues to be decriminalized across the U.S. and is even fully legal in a lot of places now.

BUT, a lot of people out there (particularly older folks) still believe that marijuana is a terrible gateway drug and needs to be banned forever and that people belong in jail if they use it.

What I’m trying to say is that this promises to be a very interesting conversation because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

What bad thing has become so commonplace that it’s not considered bad anymore?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Get to the truth.

“Arguments being verbal battles meant to be won.

Not they aren’t, arguments are discussions with the objective of reaching a truth or consensus.

It’s not about dunking on your interlocutor or asserting your beliefs over theirs.”

2. Backwards.

“Needing a few years of experience for an entry level job just sounds pretty wrong to me.”

3. So weird.

“Photoshopping and social media.

Sure, let me photoshop myself into a completely different looking person and receive all praise as if it actually validates me.”

4. If you’re rich…

“Crimes as long as you have money.

And I dont mean that you can pay lawyers or something.

Sometimes it just looks that you are just allowed to be a criminal if you just have money.”

5. MLM.

“Multi Level Marketing company groups that target women who peaked in high school or college and lure them to think it’ll make them “boss babes” by harassing their personal connections & contacts about leggings/candles/skincare/nails/supplements.”

6. Pay them!

“How medical professionals are expected to work unpaid as a part of their schooling and especially that they work exhausting 12+ hour shifts.

You’d think in a field where people’s choices have IMMENSE lifetime or life or d**th consequences they would be encouraged to be on the top of their game by being well rested etc.

It’s idiotic how just because it’s a competitive field it has to be to the point of being unsafe.”

7. Very annoying.

“Banks charging you fees to use your own money.

This is just one among many other practices that are wrong.”

8. Drives me insane.

“That a random person’s opinion deserves the same respect as an expert’s knowledge.

This is a big one I think about all the time.

It’s pitiful how complete idiocy ends up being put on the same stage with evidence based conclusions in the guise of “diversity of thought”.”

9. Truth.

“Does anyone else think its weird that we all know that our clothes, electronics, and pretty much anything else we buy is made by sweatshop or literally slave labor and everyone seems to be fine with that?”

10. Ridiculous.

“Bragging about “the good” you do on social media, like documenting giving a homeless person something and filming it.

Crying in front of your smart phone camera and selling out your personal hardship on social media.

Basically, the whole wh**ing out grand scheme of things at the expense of morals and societal change.”

11. Being watched.

“We are constantly being spied on and the gathered information is sold and used against us to try to manipulate us to buy s**t we dont need with the money we dont have.

Everyone knows that everything they do online is being monitored 24/7 but we are all so used to it so it doesnt bother most of us anymore.”

12. Really gross.

“Al**hol dependency/addiction.

Now it’s a social media trend amongst ‘wine moms’ and anyone else who has experienced a mild inconvenience during their day.

Somehow needing a drink to get through the day is relatable & funny now, instead of concerning.”

13. Just the way it is…

“The fact that many big corporations just don’t pay taxes.

It seems to be common knowledge but no one seems to be doing anything about it.”

14. A public menace, if you ask me.

“Talking on the phone loudly wherever you happen to be.

No one steps away anymore or even acts embarrassed when on the phone in public!

Drives me crazy.”

Now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us what bad things you think have become so commonplace that they’re not even looked at as bad anymore?

Thanks in advance!