14 People Share Buildings That Make Them Oddly Uncomfortable

I know they say that architecture is a form of art, and that people and places can be expressed through what their buildings say about them – and I honestly believe that’s true.

If you don’t, we think these 14 pictures might change your mind…because there’s no doubt there’s something uncomfortably off about these buildings.

14. Looks like a scene from Super 8.

Or some other marginally terrifying scifi flick.

New live action Thomas looks intense
byu/Every_form inevilbuildings

13. It’s certainly looming and ominous.

I’m guessing that was the point.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

12. If you want to walk into your own horror story…

This hotel seems perfect!

Гостиница means Hotel in Russian …I think I’m gonna pass!
byu/Every_form inevilbuildings

11. So futuristic.

But not in a good and fun way.

Come home drunk; good luck finding your apartment
byu/Every_form inevilbuildings

10. I would turn around so fast if I saw this.

Why is this necessary in the world?

When your character reaches the edge of the map and can not go any further
byu/Every_form inevilbuildings

9. I would live here.

Not gonna lie.

The Witch’s Den
byu/Ayo-Glam inevilbuildings

8. Y’all I don’t hate this.

It’s kind of pretty!

7. It looks like something out of Judge Dredd.

Which is not a movie any of us want to live in, honestly.

This apartment complex looks like a sci-fi prison
byu/malgoya inevilbuildings

6. Amazing lighting.

It could be the cover of a novel or a movie poster.

Looks like The End of Days in Seattle
byu/Dexter_russell inevilbuildings

5. It seems like a plausible origin story.

Why else would you do this?

when an architect walked in on his wife having sex with a pizza delivery man, he sought revenge on all delivery people
byu/Every_form inevilbuildings

4. And you thought your walk home was rough!

Could you die, though?

Everyday is leg day
byu/sizeable_interest inevilbuildings

3. It’s kind of pretty.

I just wish it was right side up.

This is where downvotes are made and distributed to redditors worldwide
byu/savvyfuck inevilbuildings

2. Red light room.

You don’t need to know what’s going on in there to know it’s not for you.

Motel 6 – “we’ll leave the light on for you.”
byu/ijustrepostabunch inevilbuildings

1. I do not want to look at this for another second.

Make it stop.

The many faced god of Luna Park
byu/savvyfuck inevilbuildings

I don’t like these, y’all. I just don’t.

Why do you think people design buildings like this? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!