I know they say that architecture is a form of art, and that people and places can be expressed through what their buildings say about them – and I honestly believe that’s true.

If you don’t, we think these 14 pictures might change your mind…because there’s no doubt there’s something uncomfortably off about these buildings.

14. Looks like a scene from Super 8.

Or some other marginally terrifying scifi flick.

New live action Thomas looks intense from evilbuildings

13. It’s certainly looming and ominous.

I’m guessing that was the point.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

12. If you want to walk into your own horror story…

This hotel seems perfect!

Гостиница means Hotel in Russian …I think I’m gonna pass! from evilbuildings

11. So futuristic.

But not in a good and fun way.

Come home drunk; good luck finding your apartment from evilbuildings

10. I would turn around so fast if I saw this.

Why is this necessary in the world?

When your character reaches the edge of the map and can not go any further from evilbuildings

9. I would live here.

Not gonna lie.

The Witch’s Den from evilbuildings

8. Y’all I don’t hate this.

It’s kind of pretty!

7. It looks like something out of Judge Dredd.

Which is not a movie any of us want to live in, honestly.

This apartment complex looks like a sci-fi prison from evilbuildings

6. Amazing lighting.

It could be the cover of a novel or a movie poster.

Looks like The End of Days in Seattle from evilbuildings

5. It seems like a plausible origin story.

Why else would you do this?

when an architect walked in on his wife having sex with a pizza delivery man, he sought revenge on all delivery people from evilbuildings

4. And you thought your walk home was rough!

Could you die, though?

Everyday is leg day from evilbuildings

3. It’s kind of pretty.

I just wish it was right side up.

This is where downvotes are made and distributed to redditors worldwide from evilbuildings

2. Red light room.

You don’t need to know what’s going on in there to know it’s not for you.

Motel 6 – "we’ll leave the light on for you." from evilbuildings

1. I do not want to look at this for another second.

Make it stop.

The many faced god of Luna Park from evilbuildings

I don’t like these, y’all. I just don’t.

Why do you think people design buildings like this? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!