Before I ran into these posts from Reddit, I wouldn’t have necessarily thought that a building could make me feel uncomfortable just by the way it looks, but apparently this is one of the things the internet had to show me for me to believe.

Because these 12 buildings? They’re definitely ominous, y’all.

Just look and see if you don’t agree.

12. Do I have to choose?

Also are you saying there’s no elevator?

What scares you more- fire or falling? from evilbuildings

11. It was all going fine…

Until I got to the face.


10. It just strikes fear into your heart.

And that’s before you know what went on inside.

Benjamin Franklin Campus, Berlin. Research Institutes for Experimental Medicine - Gerd Hänska (1981)

9. Not stopping there.

That’s what’s known as a sign in a horror novel, y’all.

wtf I just wanted some gas from evilbuildings

8. It looks like a portal to hell.

Which is an odd choice for a church.

First mass starts at 6:66 AM from evilbuildings

7. The face I am making right now.

Why would someone build this?

The tallest unoccupied building in the world, the North Korean Ryugyong hotel, often called the “hotel of doom” from evilbuildings

6. The whole aesthetic is just eerie.

A horror movie setting, for real.

gas pump jawas protect a nuclear reactor from evilbuildings

5. Wait, this is a church?

To worship whom, exactly?

First mass starts at 6:66 AM from evilbuildings

4. Am I the only one who wants to drop a marble in the top?

Maybe too much Price is Right.

Image Credit: City Metric

3. This for sure looks like it belongs in Gotham City.

Image Credit: Imgur

2. I could write a dystopian Philly based on this picture.

Complete with an alternate timeline.

Streets of Philadelphia

1. Definitely a super villain.

Who else would live there? Someone with a helicopter of their very own…

Constructing a building this high up in the mountains is an immediate red flag for super villain lair from evilbuildings

I’m glad this list isn’t any longer because I can’t take anymore.

I couldn’t live among these! Argh!