14 People Share Little-Known Warnings From Nature That Might Save Your Life

Pay attention to nature and what it’s telling you!

That can be kind of complicated if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but it’s absolutely true…because nature has a way of knowing when something bad might be right around the corner.

People on AskReddit talked about warnings from nature that might just save your life.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. It’s a twister.

“During “stormy weather” in the Midwest…If the sky turns greenish and the pressure bottoms out, it’s time to head for the basement.”

2. Higher ground.

“If you are in a canyon, slot or otherwise, and you see clouds anywhere in the sky GTFO.

It could be raining miles away and cause a flash flood in less than 10 minutes as water rushes through the canyon.

Get to higher ground.”

3. Dangerous.

“If something, especially in the ocean, is very pretty or colorful or very ugly and doesn’t run away from you, it’s probably very venomous.”

4. Big warning.

“If you’re on the beach and see that the shore is much further out in the ocean than it usually is, you should get away from there immediately.

This is the mayor warning sign of a tsunami and you can see this e.g. in video tapes of the great tsunami in 2004.

But people weren’t leaving, they rather tried to figure out where the water went.

I once also heard a story about a girl who went to holidays with her parents to a region which was hit by the tsunami and a few weeks before the vacation she learned about tsunamis at school, so she noticed what was happening and she rescued her family.”

5. Don’t go there.

“Do not go wading in water that is heading toward a cliff! Also known as a waterfall. The current is much stronger than you might think.

I am only here thanks to a handy bush as my father as a teenager was almost swept to his d**th in Yosemite.”

6. Camp elsewhere.

“For novice campers, be able to recognize what d**d standing trees look like – and don’t camp near them.

A couple of campers are k**led every year by trees falling on them during the night. Usually during storms.

There was one near our campsite last year, so I took it down. So if you’re in a park with regulations not to cut trees down d**d ones are the exception.”

7. Heads up.

“My hair literally stood on end, including arm hair. Pulse went way up.

I hit the deck face first in the shrubs and the ground around me exploded in thunder and lightening impact.

Way too close.”

8. Good to know.

“If you have come across a small bare area under a tree, and bark is missing from the tree, you’ve probably stumbled upon a bears summer bed.

Also dont use bear bells in places that is also cougar country. You are basically ringing the dinner bell.”

9. They know.

“Pets like dogs or even cats can often tell if there if there is something wrong with a person.

If you notice your dog is constantly sniffing, touching, or just gravitating to a certain part of your body, you should get it checked out.”

10. Don’t eat that!

“If you’re eating plants out in the woods, and it tastes like almonds, SPIT IT OUT.

It’s very likely to be poisonous. Only eat what you know is safe.”

11. Silence.

“If you’re ever in a forest or mountain area and all goes quiet; birds stop chirping, bugs stop buzzing, leaves stop rustling… you are either:

A) Being stalked by a mountain lion and about to become his lunch so say your prayers.


B) About to be kidnapped by Bigfoot who will make you strip and fold up your bright red shirt and place it nicely on a rock next to your shoes; then shuffle you away to an alternate realm where the fairies will decide whether or not you should return to your homeland after they feed you a nice home cooked meal.

If this happens run but I’m not sure that will actually help. Worth a try though.”

12. We should all know this.

“If you are outside in winter and you suddenly get really warm DO NOT take your clothes off.

You are about to d** to hypothermia.

You need warmth as fast as possible.”

13. Flash flood warning.

“If you are swimming in a river and the starts turning dark (brown, muddy) and you started seeing a lot of trash (tree branches, leaves) GTFO of the water.

Those are usually the signs of flash flood.”

14. And keep this in mind.

“If are ever out and about and you suddenly get a bad feeling or a feeling that you should stop doing something or do something different LISTEN TO THAT FEELING.

Those are your instincts talking to you, we have over 100,000+ years of evolution we spent developing survival instincts.

Please don’t waste them/ignore them.”

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