14 People Share Rude Things They Think Have Been Normalized by Society

Are people getting ruder in the world, or is it just me?

I’ve been wrong before, but I think I’m right about this one, folks!

I’ll give you one example of rude behavior that has been normalized these days: people talking or listening to music on speakerphone in public.

Either put on some headphones or step outside for a few minutes. It drives me insane!

Are you ready to get all worked up?

AskReddit users talk about rude things that they think have been normalized by society.

Let’s see what they said.

1. An annoying process.

“I guess job applications.

I wish they would let me know if they didn’t want me so I could move on and not have hope.

The ghosting/ never letting me know if my application was rejected kinda puts everyone on limbo + sends even more applications elsewhere.”

2. No!

“Being told to smile.

There’s literally nothing wrong with me, this is just my face.”

3. Not cool.

“Making comments about someone’s weight/how much or little they’re eating.

I am on the skinnier side and getting told I should “eat more” or something similar is just as rude as telling someone they should eat less.”

4. Awful.

“I’m not sure if it’s quite normalized, but people do it all the time with the casual offhandedness as if it is – taking photos of me because I’m a dwarf.

I find it incredibly rude. But with everyone taking photos and films of anything mildly noteworthy these days, often with a sense of detachment from the subject, I feel like this happens more than ever.”

5. Move it or lose it.

“Groups of people walking very slow, not letting others get by.

Have your lame conversation a little faster or sit somewhere.

Also, moooooooovvvvvvve.”

6. Please ask first.

“Accepting an invitation to someone’s house and then showing up with a dog without first checking if it’s ok to bring the dog.

Some people just don’t want a dog in their house for a number of valid reasons: allergies, cats, fragile things, etc.”

7. Maybe never?

“Asking when you are getting a significant other/ married/ having kids. Even more so if you are female.

I read the classic response to this a while ago:

“I h**e it when my older relatives nudge me at weddings, and say: You’re next.”

“I do the same thing now to them … at funerals.””

8. So lame.

“A customer could be the biggest f**king p**ck in existence but an associate/cashier/customer service representative has to absorb all that h**e and respond calmly regardless or they get in trouble.”

9. Gross.

“Spitting on the ground in public.

This is really uncouth, people.”

10. Sick of this.

“I think it’s completely fine to disagree with others and have different world views or political beliefs , but I am sick and tired of people making absurd accusations and believing that the burden of proof on the accusations falls on me to prove that it happened.


11. It’s also usually boring.

“When you meet someone it’s socially acceptable to immediately ask them what their job (and by extension how much money they make) is and you have to explain your answer.”

12. Hands off.

“Why are people so okay with touching other people. everyone feels like they can pat you on the back or ask to touch your hair, especially as a black woman?”

13. No pop-ins.

“Showing up to someone’s house unannounced. Like give me a call at least so I can reject you before you arrive at my house. Saves you and me time.

And if I don’t answer your call don’t just assume you can turn up. I’m probably busy or don’t want to talk to you today.”

14. Very rude.

“Generally treating introvertness as something that needs to be “fixed”.

I had lunch the other day with a friend who was going on about this, basically complaining that I stay home too much and don’t go out. She was telling me all the people she had lunch or dinner with in the last week (I counted 9) and just her telling me about what she did tired me the f**k out. After spending time with her, I needed a nap.

She keeps trying to get me out more and doesn’t understand at all how much I enjoy being home writing, reading, just being alone. I don’t need to be fixed. I’m fine.”

What rude things do you think have been normalized by society?

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