This Person Wonders if They Were Wrong to Let Their Mother’s Hospital Bills Go Unpaid

Family can be such a tricky thing for so many people. Society says that we’re supposed to be close with our families, to support them when we can, and to love them unconditionally, but life (and human beings) are too complicated for blanket statements like that to really apply.

This guy’s past really isn’t complicated – it’s just horrible.

He was the youngest child, and when his father found after five years that he wasn’t biologically his, they were cast out into a small apartment.

His mother and siblings blamed him for the whole mess, basically because he existed.

Shortly after my fifth birthday my dad found out that I was not biologically his, he immediately threw me and my mother out of his life which now looking back I can’t really blame him. It would be a nightmare to raise someone who was a constant reminder of your wife cheating.

Shortly after that, we moved from a mansion to a very small apartment and my life has been absolutely lonely and horrible since then, the love that my mother had for me disappeared in an instant and she and my half siblings(constantly blame me for being the reason for the divorce)have hated me since, I was constantly told by my own family including my mother that they all wish that I would die and would have never been born and things like that.

I try not to get my half siblings words get to me since they were kids as well, but it still hurts to this date.

When his mother got remarried, things did not get any better. He became like their Cinderella, doing all of the chores and being left at home while they took extravagant vacations and their expensive electronics piled up.

My mother married my stepdad when I was 10 and he and his kids, my step-siblings, have made it very clear they didn’t like me and things got even worse, I was given the smallest room, no new clothes or things, and constantly ignored if not being bullied by my family. Both my stepfamily and half siblings went on great and fantastic trips and were given all the latest gadgets and everything as well while I was left behind.

It actually came to the point where no one had wished me even a happy birthday since I was 8 years old. I had no friends at school as well, I was that ’quite’ kid who was always isolated and left out of everything.

He got out on his own, getting a scholarship to college, finding a woman he loves and having a child together. He’s going to therapy and generally happy with his life.

I(27M now) managed to get a full ride to dream college and am now financially quite secure. I now have very good friend and an amazing fiancé with whom I have a 3 year old son and her family has adopted me as one of their own.

My finance also convinced me to go to therapy for which I am very grateful as well and I am basically doing great in life and have moved past everything.

Enter his mother again, who is struggling with cancer and needs help paying for treatment.

He told her no.

Recently my mother contacted me a few days ago saying she needed my help (money actually) cause she has cancer and I firmly but politely refused her saying that while I sympathize with her situation, it is not my responsibility and she should lose my number and never contact me again.

I am now hounded by my stepfamily and even my half siblings that I shouldn’t refuse and my response was pretty much the same and have blocked them as well.

Yesterday my mother called me from her friends phone this time ordering me to pay since she has sacrificed so much for me to which I replied, “You never sacrificed anything, you gave away everything you had cause you just couldn’t keep your legs closed.” And hung up on her.

Now his siblings and other family are giving him a hard time, saying he’s awful, etc, but he doesn’t feel like he owes her anything.

I have blocked them all’ and now just keep receiving messages calling me an asshole among other things from new numbers which I promptly block, but now occasionally I feel quite guilty, what my mother did was horrible yes, but no one deserves to die for such things.

So, reddit AITA for refusing to pay my mothers hospital bill even though it may lead to her death?

What does Reddit think? Let’s find out!

Short answer? He was abused his entire life and he doesn’t owe the people who hurt him a gall-darned thing.

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Apparently she picked the wrong kids to favor, since the rest of them can’t afford to help.

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Monsters don’t deserve forgiveness, and they don’t deserve your hard-earned money or mental health, either.

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Don’t be afraid to legally put your foot down, either.

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Family doesn’t mean you have a blank check to treat people however you want.

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I have to agree with all of these people. It’s never cool to wish death or ill will on anyone, but this woman made her bed.

Anyone who treats their own child like that gets no sympathy from me.

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