14 People Share Stories About How Clueless Other Adults Were

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Have you ever had to explain something pretty ridiculous to another adult? And it made you realize that a lot of “adults” out there are actually pretty clueless about all kinds of things?

I had a roommate in college who once asked me how to make macaroni and cheese. Yes, you read that correctly. He observed me in the kitchen one day working my magic on the stove and he was so blown away that he just had to know how to do it! How can this be done?!?!

Apparently, he hadn’t graduated past the microwave portion of his culinary life yet and it was up to me to guide him through that journey…

Here are some hilarious and ridiculous stories from AskReddit users about some very clueless adults.

1. How does this thing work?

“I had to show a co-worker how to staple papers properly. He would staple papers in the middle of the page. The actual center of the page. And the pages would not be lined up properly.

I swear, he just threw pages in the air and grabbed it out of the air with a stapler.”

2. Really?

“Alcohol has calories.

I had to be the one to tell my friend when she was in her mid-20s that the vodka she loved had calories.

She was so shocked and said, “What!?! I thought since it was clear like water it didn’t have any calories.””

3. Gotta learn sometime.

“Literally had to teach my 45 year old mother how to pay her bills. She always had someone to take care of her.

One day she was 100% single for the first time in 31 years (multiple partners). She then realized that she had no clue how to actually be an adult.

It was a mind-blowing experience for me.”

4. Reframe.

“Earlier this year, I had to explain to my sister that its ‘refrain’ not ‘reframe’. She genuinely thought that people would say things like “reframe from touching me”.

In her own words, that way makes more sense because “if I didnt want someone to touch me I’d rather put a big frame around myself so they cant”.

Shes 30. And a teacher.”

5. History lesson.

“Last year, I had to explain to a co-worker that there’s a very drastic difference between a German citizen and a Nazi after she refused to interact with a German man.

We work at an international airport.”

6. Wow…

“This is embarrassing to even write but I had to explain to a coworker that her statement of “Some people treated their slaves well so why not honor those people? You have no idea how those slaves were treated” is not okay.

Just plain not okay…”

7. Probably should’ve known that…

“I had to tell my cousin that she will not get her period when she’s pregnant.

She didn’t understand so I had to explain ovulation and the menstrual cycle.

She’s 28 years old.”

8. I’m outta here!

“I had to teach my sister that bail is only an option while you’re awaiting trial.

She thought that inmates could just pay to get out of prison early and just leave forever.”

9. I give up.

“I had a patient who asked me where my family is from because he’s “interested in countries of origin”.

The same man returned in a week or two for an office procedure. As I’m prepping everything, he asked, “what’s the different between Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino?”.

I thought he was kidding so I was like “uh, they’re different countries? and have different culture?”

Man looks me in the eye and says, “okay, but what’s the difference?”

I gave up, and then the other times he came in pretty much established that he’s a “soft” racist so there’s that.”

10. Language barrier.

“When I was on vacation in Vegas a waitress was having a great conversation with us.

She wanted to visit the UK but was really worried about not speaking the same language. She asked us, a family who had told her we were from England, if people spoke English in England.

She insisted that we were speaking American.

Nice lady and have fun memories but still gobsmacked about it.”

11. This is amazing.

“My ex’s sister in law thought that ATMs had a person inside.

She went her whole life thinking that until one day she asked why they still have someone in the ATM after hours since it seems unsafe nowadays.”

12. Well…

“I told a friend that I was Korean.

To which he replied “Oh this whole time I thought you were Asian”.”

13. Amen!

“That wearing a mask isn’t going to hurt you, and that it in fact, will help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

And that it 100% does not need to be a f*cking political thing, but a decent human being thing.”

14. A teachable moment.

“The first time my daughter came home from her college dorm with laundry, she asked me where the soap goes.

She had just put her dirty clothes in the dryer not knowing it was not the washer.

She’s a smart woman, and I clearly missed a teachable moment or two along the way.”

Yeesh…some people…

Have you ever had to have a conversation like this with an adult?

If so, tell us all about it in the comments!