14 People Share The Aftermath Of Quitting Their Toxic Jobs

If you have worked every day at a job that steals your soul a little bit at a time, then you’ve probably dreamed day and night about being able to walk away. Things like money, location, hours, and a bunch of other factors go into if and when you can actually make that happen, though.

Luckily for these 14 people, they were able to quit for good – and then come back to tell us all how it’s going after they’d gotten free.

14. Ok, peace.

I hate that health insurance is tied to employment here.

13. I bet that was so cathartic.

It seems like they might not have survived that much longer.

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12. The customer is not always right.

If someone tells you they are, you don’t want to work for them.

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11. There are no promises.

Be kind to yourself.

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10. Stay out of my life.

I walked away for a reason.

9. If it’s hurting you, you have to chuck it.

No one is going to value your health more than you do.

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8. Smart AND talented.

Somehow I think she’s going to be ok.

7. They don’t pay you enough to kill yourself.

No one does.

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6. Don’t do that to yourself.

You only get so many years, after all.

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5. That sounds like a nightmare.

I’m glad they decided to get out.

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4. How awful a realization.

They never valued them at all.

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3. You don’t need that in your life.

Honestly, I hope you blew them up on social media on your way out.

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2. It was a watershed moment.

The time had come.

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1. Don’t feel guilty.

They will replace you before the door shuts behind you and never think twice.

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As someone who has gotten free herself, I’m just so happy for them. No job is better than a toxic job, if you can make it happen.

Have you been able to quit a toxic job? Tell us in the comments how it went for you!