14 People Share The Creepiest Thing Their Kid Ever Said

Anyone who has spent time around kids knows one thing for sure – you can never guess what’s going to come out of their mouth next.

They say the funniest things, and on the flip side, the creepiest, weirdest things you’ve ever heard in you life – and I’m guessing these 14 people spent at least a few nights after these comments sleeping with one eye open.

14. Thank goodness she lived to tell the tale.

She should have listened to that kid, though.

13. I want to hear the rest of this story.

I totally would have asked her to tell me more!

12. Well, so much for sleeping.

This is just not okay, y’all.

11. The mother-son bond, maybe?

They do say it’s a special thing…

10. Must be time to move.

There’s only room for one mama here, doll.

9. My heart would have stopped.

You kind of want to believe it’s true, right?

8. Kids always know.

I don’t know how but they do.

7. That poor man.

I don’t think I can imagine a scarier way to die.

6. He should be nicer to his sister.

Siblings, man.

5. Maybe more than a namesake.

My 3yo talks about when he was big and I was little sometimes, too.

4. I don’t know, I kind of feel this one.

Life is confusing, y’all.

3. This is just heartbreaking.

I hope she didn’t grow up wondering whether or not she could have stopped it.

2. What doctor is this?

That’s my main question, though I have a few.

1. Well that took a turn.

I definitely don’t like that at all.

I do not think I would be ok in these situations, y’all. So weird!

What’s the weirdest thing one of your kids has said? Tell us about it in the comments!