14 People Share the Creepiest True Stories They’ve Ever Heard

What do you think is the creepiest story you know that is also true?

That “true” part is where you can really get stumped. Because we’ve all seen horror movies and read horror books, but the real-life stuff that happens is what is actually the most horrifying.

Are you ready to get creeped out?

Folks on AskReddit talked about the scariest true stories they know. Let’s take a look.

1. Oh, God, no!

“A patient came to me with an infected eyelid. It was swollen for weeks with no improvement despite being on tons of meds.

Apparently, nobody thought to flip the lid upside down. There was a visible abscess, so I thought I’d give it a nudge and saw it move!! This wasn’t an abscess, it was something else.

I managed to remove it quite easily in one whole piece. It was a fly larva.

The patient told me that she had a bug hit her in the eye a few days before she got this “infection”. I removed the larva and within two days the wound closed and she was 100% recovered on basic antibiotic eye drops.”

2. No sense of time.

“I had brain surgery roughly 3 years ago.

I lost my concept of time. What felt like 4 months was only 3 days. The amount of physical, mental, and emotional pain I went through was crazy.

I had to find all of my memories and relearn how to walk, talk, everything. If you want to go through something terrifying that is it.”

3. Creeper.

“This happened  to my sister in law when she was about 11.

Her family lived in a trailer park, down the street was her bus stop for school. Each morning, she would see a man in his trailer taking pictures of her and her friends, it creeped her out so she went to tell her mom about what this guy was doing and how he would just stand in the window staring at them and taking pictures.

So, her mom calls the police and report him; the police didn’t do anything. This went on for about another two weeks with no action from the police to where now my sister in law is terrified to stand and wait for the school bus and her mom had to call the police again!

This time, the police actually arrived at this perverts house and lo-and-behold, the police find a wall covered in pictures of my sister in law, some of the other neighborhood little girls and some child p*rn.

Her and the other families watched from afar with this guy cuffed up and being escorted to the police cruiser.”

4. Close call.

“When I was a kid we lived on a large acreage. One night we came home late and as we entered the driveway we noticed a car pulled over down the road against the ditch that bordered our property.

We saw two people, one of them climbing out of the ditch. When we parked my mom told my dad to go see if they were ok or needed help, my dad said that they looked to be ok and it was probably not a good idea so we all went in and to bed.

The next morning we were woken up by the police, they had our whole yard taped off because some horseback riders had noticed a leg sticking out of a black plastic bag in the ditch exactly where that car was parked!

That look on my moms face I’ll never forget. We know for sure my dad wouldn’t have made it back home alive if he had listened to my mom that night.”

5. The drunk tank.

“I was in the drunk tank with a guy who beat another man to death.The guy didn’t die immediately, was in intensive care for 3 days then died in the hospital.

The man who killed him told me specific details about it and on the third day (when the guy in IC died ) the CO’s came in the cell and put him in isolation across the hall. They left him in general pop until the guy actually died and once he was officially charged with capital murder THEN they took him out of our cell.

I was 17 at the time. Never forget being scared to fall asleep right next to this dude.”

6. Killer dad.

“When I was about 4 and my brother 11, we stayed at my aunt’s between moving house. Her neighbor had a son my brother’s age, so my bro used to go play with him on weekends etc.

One day my brother goes over after lunch. The dad opens the door, says the kids and mum are out shopping, but come on in and have some juice and tell him about how the move is going. My bro goes in, has a drink and a chat, then comes back to my aunt’s after no more than an hour. A few days later police are all over the place.

Turns out the dad murdered his wife and kids, and was in the middle of burying them in the back garden around the time my brother knocked. Crazy to think what could be different if my brother had visited a couple of hours before, or caught that guy on an off day.”

7. Not a good day.

“I had a associate that was a Fireman.

He had to go find the head of his brother in law after a car accident. Then he had to console his sister when she heard. Tough bloke.

Can you imagine that being your day?”

8. Terrifying.

“I was a director of my college’s student government. There was this dude who was always willing to take on projects so I gave him lots of stuff.

I remember thinking be was very charismatic and well dressed, and when he told me he owned a startup clothing company, I bought some stuff from his website. It was typical for student government kids to end up at the same parties and I ran into him several times outside of committee.

I was studying abroad my senior year and I was here on reddit. Saw an article with the guy’s face on it. Turns out he r*ped TWELVE girls at my university. It was apparently well known but because his father was a dean and wealthy professor, it kept getting swept under the rug.

Apparently he was using extracurriculars like the student government to keep coming back to campus after he had been removed from his classes.”

9. A bad accident.

“A van of 6 people and a driver are on the way to an engagement. Lonely roads and the driver dozes off. He wakes up and realises that the van is gone out of his control and in the seconds he has, decides to save himself and jumps out through his door. Van out of control, runs down, tosses and rolls.

4 people in the van died on the spot, one lucky person survived with minor fractures. The other person had barely survived. She had her skull cracked, the bone under her eyes broken and caved in, glass from the window stuck to her eyes, the nasal bone broken, jaw broken and teeth fell out, shoulder bone broken and dislocated, hip bone fractured, toes broken and a huge chunk of skin gone in her feet.

She was wheeled into the hospital and performed surgeries on. She said the only thing that got her through was thinking that her kids would grow motherless. When I saw her post surgery, she was completely wrapped in bandages like the invisible man, gaps for eyes and a hole for lips. She couldn’t speak for months and couldn’t walk for a year.

This was my mom and the year was 2006. I was 9 or 10 then and the memory of her mummified form still haunts me in my dreams.”

10. Camping trip.

“The Lake Bodom murders are scary as hell.

Like, there are 4 teens who go on a camping trip in Finland. The next morning, 3 of the teens are found murdered, and one of them is almost dead and severely injured, but survived.

No one knows who the murderer is today.

Forty-Four years later, the fourth teen, Nils, who survived, was accused of murdering them and gets sent to prison. But then he was released a year later, because there was little DNA evidence to prove this. And no good evidence to prove that he murdered them at all.

However, there is circumstantial evidence such as he allegedly fought his one friend due to an argument and was drunk. Some say this could’ve ended in accidental and/or intentional murder. However, I personally highly doubt that Nils is guilty.

I couldn’t find much information on who Nils thought the murderer was. So my thoughts are 1.) it’s too traumatic for him to remember, or 2.) He didn’t recognize the person

Some other key suspects include the manager of the camp, who was known for being quite hostile, an ice cream vendor who admitted to the crime on his deathbed, and a man who lived only a short distance from the camp who claimed “to be in Germany” during that time. However, there is much doubt for his claim

There was a sketch released of the alleged murderer. Who seems to be an unsettling picture of an older man. And you can find a photo of the man, who looks like the guy in the sketch, attending a police speech.”

11. Down Under.

“I met a guy who had been traveling Australia with a couple friends, hitchhiking around as many of us had done. One of his friend told him they were near his distant uncles house, whom he’d never met before.

He got a phone number from a family member and as they had hoped, the uncle offered them a place to stay. He picked them up in town and drove them out to his rural property way out in the bush. They said he seemed like a pretty normal guy, friendly and cheery. When it was time to set up a place to sleep the uncle took them to a closet that was totally full of sleeping bags and bed rolls.

They didn’t think much of it at the time and all grabbed a kit and set up on the living room floor. They stayed a couple days and nothing out of the ordinary happened, and afterwards the uncle drove them to the bus station and they continued on their way. About a year later that man was arrested and charged with several counts of murder.

He was the man who was picking up young hitch hiking backpackers and slaughtering them. The guy who told me this story was 100% certain he had slept in the sleeping bag of one of his victims.”

12. Now this is scary.

“This happened to me. This is from the days when I used to live back home (I used to live in Karachi, Pakistan but now moved to UK).

We used live very close to a CID (Police Investigation Department aka Pakistani FBI) building which we all were unaware of and always thought it was just an ordinary government building till on 11th, Nov 2010.

On that day I around evening time coming home from work I thought I better hit the gym (because they had a sauna and after being tired from all day work that sounded like a good idea) which was hardly 0.3 miles away so I decided to walk to the gym. I change quickly and leave for the gym and start walking towards the gym.

This is almost I’ve hardly walked like 10 minutes and I’m 0.1 miles away roughly and all of a sudden for a nano second I feel that ground is shaking and the next thing I hear is a loudest bang I’ve ever heard followed by a pressure kick into my chest.

Now to let you guys know, my both the ear started bleeding because the bang was so loud and for the reference the kick in the chest was as bad as Big Show wearing military boots and kicking you in the chest straight with full force.

Next thing? I’m on the ground covering my ears because they are in agony and covered in dirt trying to figure out what’s happening. As I am trying to figure out I can see all the cars alarms have gone off. Anything made up of glass has been shattered in roughly 1-2 miles area.

I’m still trying to figure out what has happened and I start smelling gun powder and as if someone is making a BBQ and is being burnt. I will always remember that smell which was something unsettling. Next things rock and dust particle starts landing on me and the surrounding areas which had 1-1.5 inches long of pieces of human skin and flesh.

I am not believing that I have another human skin piece stuck to my arm. I brush up my clothes and arms getting up and covering my ear recovering from that pressure kick.

As I move closer to a spot in a street where I am hearing loads of people screaming and crying I see a few 3-5ft cracks between some walls of the building which have been destroyed by the shockwave of the bang. I see the gap between a wall and move into the area where I see these scenes straight from a Hollywood movie where people are crying, cars on fire and dead bodies on the ground.

By this time I’m thinking its a bomb blast and that’s what has happened. As I move closer I see a 10ft and 30ft wide crater which has been filled with the water and the building which was a CID building is no longer there. There are hundreds of people lying on the ground crying for help as some of them don’t even have legs or limbs or some don’t have their complete bottom.

I am still in a state of shock looking around and I see a woman crying and hitting herself because she had her husband dead who’s legs and torso was missing. I seen that later. I see several people without legs, brains out and no limbs.

One thing, which haunted me for sure was a 18-20yr old guy who was dead and lying on the floor towards his chest on the floor with his neck turned towards me. I can still remember him looking straight into my eyes. His feet were flipped the other way around. After the police arrived and media arrived I came back home after it got crowded.

After I came home after the dusk everyday, I would see that 18-20yr old boy standing and starring into my eyes. I would wake up screaming through out the night and see that guy standing at the door way just staring at me. For two to three weeks I would see this guy regularly during midnight standing in my hallway staring through my soul. I still remember that guy’s face and the shockwave and the sound of the blast.

P.S to this day even the slightest bang or even a loud music drops freaks me out sometimes reminding me of that shockwave. I’m married so sometimes I tell my wife that the bang just reminded me of the shockwave I witnessed in this accident, I don’t tell her but inside my heart I pray secretly that God don’t ever put anyone through that even in their wildest dreams.”

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