14 People Share the Embarrassing Moments They Got Caught Being Creepy

Listen, we’re all creepy sometimes. We’re staring, we’re ogling something when we should be minding our own business, or we’re peeping through someone’s social media profile who would definitely not like to hear that was going on.

We’re not talking like, criminal creepy, just like, normal human creepy.

What has been the most embarrassing moment where you have been exposed as a creep? I’ll start.
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Which doesn’t mean it’s not horrifying to get caught…which is exactly what happened to these poor 14 souls.

14. Not a good look.

Freshman year of college, public speaking class.

The professor decides to videotape everyone’s speech so we could all see how we looked when speaking, except that the professor decided to let people move their desks to form a circle with the person talking in the middle.

Because of how the professor set up the tripod, I was directly in the camcorder’s line of sight. And of course the camcorder caught me staring at the ass of every girl who was speaking in front of me, complete with one raised eyebrow and a slight grin while staring.

Plus I was caught trying to stifle some major laughter when a fat guy went up there talking about natural gas.

13. I mean. Slow-clap for her, though.

I was stumbling through Chatroulette with some buddies while wearing costumes, or some type of random clothing (as many do while on Chatroulette), when we came across a few cute girls. They didn’t “next” us right away, and we were able to strike up a conversation and exchange names/general locations.

Well, being the proficient Facebook creeper that I am, I quickly found their profiles and was swapping between said profile and the video chat. I was wearing a pair of large sunglasses and the girl commented on them, saying “You look creepy with those glasses on”.

Being a little animated, I moved my face/glasses right next to the webcam and slyly asked with a big grin “What’s so creepy about them?” She said “I can see my facebook profile in their reflection.”

12. At least that’s something.

There was this tutor I had in University who I had a huge crush on. I was walking through the hall talking to my friends about her and I think I said something along the lines of ”Her (I actually used her name) a$s looks so amazing, it’s a shame when she wears a loose dress”.

She then struts past me wearing these tight pants and says ”I’m assuming these are more appropriate then”. My friends are giggling to themselves and I just froze up, I didn’t know how to respond.

I had to endure another two tutorials with her… she did give me a homemade cinnamon roll though when I last visited her, I guess flattery can get you some things.

11. Of course you aren’t. *pats*

In 3rd grade we had story time where we sat on the floor and the teacher sat in a chair and read to us. I was goofing off in the back of the class so my teacher made me sit in the front row. I sarcastically sat as close to her as possible.

After a minute she looked down and asked “Are you smelling my leg?” I definitely was not, but she wouldn’t let me explain. At the next parent teacher conference she told my mom that I was smelling her leg.


10. They were definitely warning each other about him on Next Door.

Just on Halloween, I was handing out candy to the neighborhood kids and was wearing my friend’s iPod costume (Similar to this– He left it at my house after a party the night before). The iPod controls are riiiiiight in my genital region.

The kids kept wanting to press play. It took me some time to realize why their parents were giving me dirty looks. I felt like a pervert.

9. A good hiding spot.

It was 1:30am… leaving a bar with some friends after celebrating a birthday party. We decided to run a few blocks to this huge playground (one of those massive wooden ones) in City Park to play some hide-and-seek.

We start, and I find this amazing hidden nook inside the middle of the main part of the structure that I had to crawl to get to… there was only one opening and it was very hard to see… but I had eyes on almost the whole playground.

After a while of listening to others get caught, run by, re-hide… etc… I hear two people approach and start to make out.

Initially I thought it was some of my friends… but I soon learned that the girl had blindfolded her man and led him to the park to have some late night kinky fun…

They start to get R rated… then move past it straight to the naughtiness… all the while, I’m literally sitting just a few feet away on the other side of a wooden planked wall.

At this point I’m already wondering… ok, do I say something… cough… let them know someone is here… I didn’t want to listen in, but it was so awkward being there.

After a few minutes of mouth stuff and hand stuff… they move and circle around my hiding spot, around these little stairs, and eventually right in front of the opening to my perfect hiding spot.

Now, at this point I’ve been hiding there for some time, and listening to them for a good while… if I came out now and made myself known I’d for sure look like a creep! (that, and give away my awesome hiding spot!!)

So there they are, a mere few feet from me… me, hiding in pitch darkness, hearing them (and now seeing them) get down to business.

At that moment, a couple of my friends who were now searching (the game was still on this whole time btw) ran into them and everyone explodes in a cacophony of laughter! The couple were giggling hysterically and trying to cover themselves, and my friends laughing as they explain that there’s a bunch of people in the park playing hide and seek.

My friends leave to search some more… and the couple actually start to get back to it. After another minute of still laughing, the girl gets up and says “Wait… wouldn’t it be hilarious if someone had been watching us the whole time?!” Her man agreed, but said there’s no way.

She looks up, directly at my hiding spot… “Wait… shut up… I think I see something.” I freeze… there’s no way.

“I think there’s someone over there! Hiding!” “No way babe.”

It was at this perfect moment that I slowly turned my head, put a finger up to my lips and in the loudest whisper I could muster…


They exploded in laughter and scrambled to collect their clothes, all the while running out of the park. I was found a minute later.

8. Her reaction was warranted.

My friend told me he’d just been shopping and had seen this fit girl at the stop before he got on the bus and that she”d looked at him. He didn’t speak to her on the bus and then regretted it so ended up looking for her around the shopping centre/ high street for about 2 hours, eventually he saw her coming out of a shop and said

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere”

At which point she screamed “fuck off” and ran away.

I had to explain to him how creepy this was.

7. Lesson learned.

Windows Media Player. “Would you like to import your entire library?” Why not. Entire library meaning songs and videos. Later, Cute girl. “You have so many cool songs”

Hitting next (shuffle). The nastiest gangb**g po*n ever… poker face…

6. But what happened next?

In high school when i was in 9th grade i had a study hall where i sat next to a relatively attractive girl. One day i decided to take a nap with my coat over my head, except i made a peephole for my eye so i could look at the girl sitting next to me.

I thought the hole was small enough, but after about 20 seconds of looking, the girl makes eye contact with me and shyly looked back down at her work. I stayed in my coat cocoon until the end of the period.

She also didn’t move from sitting next to me.

5. Too much awkward.

When I was in high school I worked at a grocery store situated between three retirement homes. There was such a lack of hot girls that walked into the store that we would point out every single one.

One evening this mom and her three daughters came in. I told my friend at the register how do-able all four were. He then said, “Dude, that’s my family.” I said, “bullshit.”

That’s when his mom said to him, “Hi honey!” I was silent and embarrassed during the entire transaction. He was cool and laughed about it once they left.

4. That’s not a good vibe.

Not so bad, but I was going to a party at night. Guests had to park a block away since there was no parking closer, so this girl and I park at the same time, but she’s about 20 feet ahead, going to the same party down a dark road.

I, a 6’4 white guy, have to go in the same direction, and I see her quickly glance back at me. “Don’t act rapist, don’t act rapist,” but eventually she was like, “hey are you going to the party? You can walk with me and stop acting like a rapist”

We got along at the party. First impression is I’m a rapist? Can only get better from there.

3. A misunderstanding.

Over the past few months I had gone shoe shopping with a few different girls.

I started to get pretty good at picking out women’s shoes, matching individual styles, guessing sizes, etc.

Well anyway, one morning we were all sitting around in their apartment and I noticed my my one friend had a pretty nice pair of flats on. She’s got to be a size 36 I thought to myself, but I didn’t say anything because I thought that would be a weird/creepy thing to just blurt out, you know? These people just didn’t know how good I was at shopping for girl shoes. So I did the smart thing and waited for the girl to take her shoes off so I could sneak over and check them out.

While I was left alone in my friend’s room (that’s where I was staying), I picked up one of her shoes and took a look. 36, I knew it! I thought just as I saw the door swing open. My friend’s roommate was standing there, staring at me with a shocked look, and I froze with the shoe in my hand. I suddenly realized that it looked like I was smelling the shoe, and I dropped it fast, but the roommate had already shut the door.

2. That’s one way to get it done.

Having porn up on my computer of Busty Teen Redheads, then having my busty teen redhead friend find it.

But thats pretty standard it seems.

1. Not the best decision.

Hilarious, I can totally picture your face in the awkward moment of eye-contact. I think I can top your misunderstood creep though, as much as it pains me to type this.

Okay, I was at a little kickback with a couple of close friends and a few reasonably attractive girls that I had never met before. I was in a phase where I was wearing a lot of tight, girly pants. One girl thought this was amusing/ cute and we decided to trade jeans for the evening. Everyone proceeded to get totally sh%thoused, myself included. Eventually, the friend I had come with told me we were going to be leaving shortly.

I asked around for the girl who had my pants, because I really didn’t want to take hers home. Nobody could tell me where she was, but I eventually found her passed out on a couch alone on the back deck. I tried and tried to get her to wake up, practically shouting at her.

Finally accepting that she would be of no help, I, in my drunken frustration, decided to take them back myself. I assume it looked pretty bad, because one of her friends came outside to find me wrenching MY pants off of this barely-breathing bimbo and just started screaming.

I have so much secondhand cringe reading these!


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