14 People Share the Gifts That They Think Last a Lifetime

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When looking for a gift for someone, it’s important to try to find something that will last a long time…or hopefully even a lifetime.

But that can be tough, right?

Luckily for us, a whole bunch of people weighed in online about gifts that they think will last a lifetime, so keep these in mind next time you’re looking for a gift for your loved ones.

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. A good knife.

“A really good knife. Shun or Wusthof.

It’s safer to have a sharp, well-made knife. It makes cutting unimaginably easier.

200-300 dollars and you have the only knife you will ever need.”

2. Great memories.

“I keep all handwritten cards from birthday/Christmas/ any occasion gifts.

I’ve had a bunch from relatives that have passed away and I always love looking at them.”

3. A reminder.

“My best friend of 5 years (now boyfriend/baby daddy) made me a bracelet when we first started dating and I haven’t taken it off since.

Every time I see it I remember him excitedly giving it to me and tying it around my wrist, it’s hanging by a thread now and I’m gonna cry when it finally gives out.”

4. They won’t forget.

“An act of kindness toward someone.

They will always remember.”

5. Quality.


But like quality stuff, real silver or gold. I still have the jewelry from my great grandmother and my grandmother, it will last more than a lifetime if you care for it.”

6. Good idea!

“I was given a check to pay for Lasik eye surgery for Christmas.

That was probably the most amazing gift I’ve ever received, surgery is a month away!

Can’t wait, I haven’t seen clearly since I was in elementary school.”

7. Life lessons.

“Goes with “teach a man to fish.”

The gift would probably be experience or teaching someone how to do something that can help them in life.”

8. They last forever.

“A cast iron skillet.

It may oxidize, but it’s possible to clean it off and restore it. It will last more than a lifetime.”

9. A rifle.

“A good hunting rifle.

I have my father’s that was given to him by his father and it has put food on the table throughout his life and mine.

I have no sons or daughters, so, it will pass to my firstborn nephew.”

10. Memorable experiences.

“Any kind of experience, like a book, movie, videogame, or some kind of adventure.

Though if you ment something more tangible, consider a good watch, pocket knife, missing tools to an existing hobby, a good chefs knife, a cast iron skillet, Gold or platnium jewelry, A metal flask or refillable lighter (if appropriate).

Most of these things are more a matter of maintenance without becoming a white elephant kinds of thing.”

11. Travel the world.

“If you’ve got the money, travel.

Give someone the gift of travel. I always save up for this because it never feels like a waste to experience new cultures and see new places and I have the best memories of my time spent there.

Or a tree, plant a tree for someone.”

12. Photographs and memories.

“Honestly, a thoughtful photo collage.

A keepsake full of memorable photos of the two of you showing you both at that time in your lives is so beautiful.”

13. Homemade.

“A mug or an everyday object you made for him/her/them.

I made a cup for my mom when I was 7 and she still uses it.”

14. Very important.


Costs nothing, but is worth everything

Weighs nothing, but lasts a lifetime

Something one person can’t own, but two people can share.”

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