14 People Share The Real-Life Stories Everyone Thinks They Made Up

If you’ve been friends with someone for a long time (or they’re family), then you likely know how likely they are to embellish (or totally fabricate) their stories. Are they people who always stick to the facts, or are they typically full of at least a little bs?

Regardless of what kind of people these 14 are normally, they swear these 14 things really happened – even though everyone around them is pretty sure they made them up.

14. Not exactly romantic.

I went on a date last year. The plan was to go for a hike.

We get six steps into it and come across what looks like human skeletal remains.

Cue calling the cops and them calling forensics because it appears to be human to them, too.

They took our details and sent us on our way. We spent the rest of the (short) evening together absolutely convinced that we’d found a body.

It turned out to be a kangaroo.

We didn’t go out again.

13. Must have been kismet.

I messaged the incorrect person on AOL instant messenger in 1998. We’ve now been married for 21 years.

12. Talk about manifesting.

Walked to work daydreaming about my store getting robbed and me getting shot. About 30 mins after I opened the store a guy come in, stuck a gun in my back and had me go in the office and empty both safes.

Unfortunately I didn’t get shot.

11. Who re-watches a graduation ceremony?

My girlfriend (at the time) loaned out her high school graduation video to another friend. Unbeknownst to the GF, her dad had recorded a porn over the video. Girlfriend’s friend sat down with the fam to watch… well.. not the graduation.

10. I don’t believe it.

once beat a heavy full-metal beyblade with a lightweight plastic one

it was mostly because I had released it, David, improperly and it began bouncing off the rims/walls of the arena and ended up becoming a deadly projectile moving with high velocity in a direct trajectory towards the metal one, causing the steel Goliath to come to a staggering stop

9. There’s a feather in your cap.

When I was a baby I peed on Jamie Foxx in a movie called Booty Call (1997).

8. The attractor of kilts.

So I went to a sold out concert at an outdoor venue, around 25k people there. Was standing in the middle section of the lawn and a guy I had never seen in a kilt walked up to me.

He said “Hey if another guy in a kilt comes looking for me tell him I will be back in like five minutes.” Then he wanders off.

A couple minutes pass and sure enough another guy in a kilt appears and asks if I’ve seen his friend.

Out of all those people around it amazes me that two guys randomly decided that I would be the one to talk to

7. They brought it on themselves.

I faked being sick cos I wanted to get out of school. I was absolutely fine, just didn’t want to do maths and sport. Got picked up, driven home planning on a day lounging on the sofa.

But as soon as I stepped foot in the door I threw up. I had a severe gastro- vomiting bug. For like two days straight.

That was the last time I ever faked being sick.

6. Double wild.

I used to talk to BB King for hours when he would come into the computer store I helped manage. He would come in every few months for CD-R’s

I was telling the story a couple years ago to a group of new hires at the company I now work for, and one of the new employees ended up being his grandson.

5. An odd stroke of luck.

I also faked sick and my mom just knew so she took me to the doctor and I kept protesting that it was probably nothing no need for a doctor. He did a test for strep which came back positive.

First off – strep was going around, I most likely had pre-symptomatic strep, and because I got on meds right away, I never got any actual symptoms. Phew!

4. Just a sore ankle.

I fell off a 3 story roof when I used to do roofing. Shingles had been ripped off and I was sitting down at the peak of the roof removing any nails sticking up.

Started sliding slowly towards the edge and couldn’t stop. I’m kicking and pushing back to stop moving but I just couldn’t. Dropped off the edge and fell straight down.

Landed on my feet yet didn’t break anything. Ankle hurt a lil bit for a few minutes after.

3. It must not have been too bad.

I dated the same person for 3 years in High School, when we went to different colleges it eventually didn’t work out. While at her college my high school girlfriend joined a sorority and part of the onboarding was being matched with someone random to tell them about yourself and see if you were a match for the sorority.

My high school girlfriend was telling her match that she just got out of a 3 year relationship and goes on about me. 5 years later I meet a girl in a different city and we hit it off, after a few dates when we are going over people we both know we realize she was the one who was matched with my high school girlfriend.

So the guy she was hearing about all of those years ago was the one she was dating now. We’ve been married 9 years so far.

2. Like a movie.

I threw dice on a craps table, they went all crazy bouncing all over the place, almost falling off the table, then hit each other mid-air, stuck together, landed on the table with one die on top.

The top die was spinning as fast as you could imagine for a good two seconds, and then fell off and I hit nine. 5 and a 4. The number I was shooting for. Had max odds.

The dealer said he’s never seen that and another player said it’s something you’d see in a movie. I just wish I had a physics degree so I could make sense of it.

1. They’ve got friends everywhere.

Wherever I go, no matter how near or far, I find someone I know. My GF from University and my ex-wife are both witnesses to this. I live near Toronto, but 1 hour plus away in a small town I am from, so realistically I should not know people in every dive bar I walk into. But I always do. It makes sense when we are at a major sports venue, or near one. But way less sense when we are in Florida in a small town.

My ex-wife got completely exasperated when we were in Nova Scotia years ago for a wedding and she said “there is no way you will run into anyone in this small lobster restaurant off the tourist paths on the way to the tiny town the wedding is in 90 mins outside of any major town”. In walks a friend of mine from University who was also from Ontario, nothing to do with the wedding, just on vacation. She gave up doubting there and then.

The crazier a story is, the more I tend to believe it. Most people just aren’t that creative!

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