14 People Share the Secrets They’ll Never Tell Anyone

If you thought long and hard about it, what do you think is the biggest secret you’ve never told anyone?

And I’m talking about friends, parents, siblings, co-workers, etc.

We’ve all got at least one, right…?

Folks took to AskReddit and shared the secrets they’ll never tell anyone.

Let’s take a look.

1. Boom!

“My friend’s boss is one of the worst people on the planet.

Imagine everything bad a boss could do. Harassment, blaming, scapegoat, etc.

I sent him a glitter bomb box.”

2. Sad.

“Had a late a**rtion because of medical issues in the 25th week.

I am kinda happy that I got a diagnosis that showed that my little girl couldn’t survive without machines.

I don’t know if I would have been strong enough to give a disabled child a happy and beautiful life were she wouldn’t get b**lied or something.”

3. Not a fan.

“I h**e all my nieces and nephews except for one. They are a bunch of self entitled a**holes who act like their moronic f**king idiot parents.

I like two of my siblings not their spouses. I despise one of my siblings. F**k them all. They can kiss my a**.

My best friend’s kids are more important to me.”

4. The cat.

“I lived in a rural area and one day my nearest neighbor, that lived a couple hundred yards away, accused me of k**ling her cat.

I denied this, but she was quite irate and insisted that I must have, because I don’t like cats and her cat vanished after years of being a loyal cat.

I was quite mystified by the whole thing, and sad at the loss of a well-liked neighbor, but there was nothing I could do.

Several years later I was cleaning out an old barn on my property, and under the floorboards, I found a few gnawed bones and a cat collar with the Auburn Tigers logo on it. My neighbor was a huge Auburn fan. Long story short, there was a fox den under the barn, and her cat was apparently snatched by a fox.

I decided not to tell her, or return the collar. It seemed best for her to just h**e her neighbor. Why come over with her long-lost loved pet’s collar and dredge the memory up again? So she dislikes me, and I know what happened to her cat.”

5. You need to see a doctor.

“I’ve been hearing voices since my freshman year in high school I am now a freshman in college.

I am just going more insane by the day, although have never had any true v**lent thoughts towards anyone I love my friends and family!”

6. Can’t talk about it.

“I’ve never told anyone I’ve been in the military.

Something happened during my second tour that really screwed me up. Our humvee hit an IED and we were ambushed by kids no older than 16. We had to do what we could to survive.

My wife and kids don’t even know. I got the help I needed after I got back home and I feel okay as long as I don’t talk about it. I get veteran mailers every once and a while and have to play them off like it was a mistake.

With everything happening lately its hard to not think about it.”

7. Has no idea.

“A very good friend ended up dating a girl I was kind of seeing but we were young and dumb so it was no big deal.

Many years later though he split up with his girl(different one) and was pretty cut up about it for several months afterwards. I’m not entirely sure how it happened but I ended up traveling to the city she was at uni at a week or so after they split and went out for drinks with her before we literally destroyed each other in bed for the next 10 hours.

I left the next day and nothing has ever been said about it, he’s still a good friend but has no idea.”

8. Whatever works.

“I talk to two objects as if they’re actual people. I look to them for comfort, and they always say the right thing to cheer me up.

I’ve not told my family or friends, but I do feel like they’ve grown suspicious of my positive change in demeanor.”

9. Wow.

“I’ve been seeing expensive escorts with some frequency.

About 25 different girls in the past 3 years or so. Last week I set up an appointment for a nice girl and she calls me when im on my way over- hey would you like my friend to come too?

Well sure!

I’ve seen about 26 girls in the last 3 years at an average cost of ~$500 an hour.

I just doubled my salary for next year, too, and my company is taking off, so I expect my average price range to spike up to more the $1000 an hour range by next year.

I’ve maybe had two unsatisfying visits.”

10. Over life.

“I want to d**. Sometimes it’s out of depression but generally, I just don’t want to participate in this world. I don’t want to work my life away or struggle for the bare minimum.

Relationships stress me out and I’m never satisfied or happy with just one person because I love so many so much, I h**e having to manage my physiological needs properly while tending to my daily responsibilities.

The fact that I have to sacrifice my alone time and hobby time for work and the fact that time inevitably strips our capabilities away (especially if your hobbies are very physical) just makes this all suck so much.

I don’t want it.”

11. Not a male.

“I’m not a boy. I’m not a dude.

I lived as a dude for 26 years and only recently realized that I’m not a man. I’ve never identified with male things. I’ve always wanted to be a girl. I always liked dresses even though I don’t have the confidence to wear them. I like makeup. And I’m f**king frustrated.

I will for ever be trapped in this ugly man dude thing and never be who I am. Can’t come out to my family and my country is horrible at healthcare and I don’t have the money to DIY hormones or something.”

12. Scandalous.

“Slept with step-sister a couple times and then she got pregnant. I had moved away before she found out and out of fear she decided to keep it and hide it from everyone.

Parents ended up splitting apart shortly after and we haven’t seen or spoken to each other since. This was 5+ years ago.”

13. Jeez…

“I encouraged my mum to cheat on my dad. She had the affair. They got divorced.

Almost 10 years ago now…

Tip for parents: Support your kids when they’re having severe mental issues, don’t laugh at them, call them stupid and lazy, and say things like “You’re crying? Well it’s just nice to see you show some emotion”.

My mum always stood by me and kept me going on my worst days. If not for knowing she loved me I suppose I might not still be here. My dad just ridiculed me.

I did it to finally give her a reason to leave (they had discussed divorce a few times) but the truth is I also wanted to hurt him back. I was young and it was petty but I don’t regret it. We all get on now and life is generally much better for us all… but he doesn’t know what role I played.”

14. Hope you’re doing better.

“Years ago I was a very heavy liquor drinker, problematically so. Christmas is a very big deal in my family and people come from all over the country to come to my parents house.

Addiction/al**holism is also a very big problem in my family. On Christmas eve I went to a CVS drive-through to pick up some medication. I dropped off my prescription and decided to go to my local watering hole for a few drinks while it was being prepared. They called early so I went back and I picked up my meds (adderall) but I had time to k**l so I decided to go back to the bar and have a few more. It being Christmas Eve, everyone was buying shots and I was drinking VERY hard. I finally decided to go home knowing I was wasted.

My twenty-something y/o routine had devolved into taking an adderall to sober up (I was a bartender at the time) when I needed to keep going. So at some point I instinctively took a pill and decided to drive home (I know how bad that is and I am not trying to trigger anyone). On my way home I passed by the same CVS and was so drunk that I thought I still needed to pick up my meds.

I went through the same drive-through and asked the same pharmacist for my pick-up. They awkwardly looked at me, said to give them a minute, and walked away. Turns out I really needed a nap. My next memory is being awoken by a bunch of cops who had been called by the employee because I passed out in the drive-through. They had me pull into a parking space and get out of the car. At this point the meds are kicking and I realize the gravity of the situation.

I’m about to go to jail the night before Christmas and my ENTIRE family is going to know about it. I was ashamed of myself but I couldn’t bear to think how heartbroken my mom would be. I know I wreaked of liquor and there was no way I wasn’t getting arrested. There were 11 cops there basically in a circle around me while I did the sobriety test. After the test they kind of huddled up and talked amongst themselves. The main officer finally came back and said I didn’t seem too drunk but he could smell al**hol on me.

He said he wasn’t going to arrest me but he couldn’t let me drive. I was so relieved I was trying not to cry. One of the deputies drove me home and tore into me about the dangers of what I did and how lucky I was that the officer in charge was letting me go. I’ve never told anyone that story and it is one of the sh**tiest things I’ve ever done and gotten away with.

It hurts my stomach to even write this but I gotta let it out. This was a decade ago and I did find help. Be safe. everyone.”

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