What Secret Will You Never Tell Anyone? Here’s What People Said.

We all have our secrets.

Things that are just too painful or too embarrassing to tell anyone…even those who are closest to us.

But that’s all gonna change today, because a bunch of brave souls were willing to finally spill their guts.

What secret will you never tell anyone?

AskReddit users shared their stories.

1. The real reason.

“The real reason I was discharged from the army was because I was r**ed and wasn’t able to tough it out.

I always just tell my bros that I hurt my head or something.”

2. Score!

“About 20 years ago I worked for a big publisher.

They were upgrading all their tech and just dumping it in a skip. I asked a security guy if I could take some stuff from the skip and he said to help myself as it was all going to get crushed anyway.

During a night shift I filled up my car with of beige G3/Quadra Apple Macs, keyboards, mice and some 19” Formac screens. Some of the macs had Quark Express and Photoshop on them.

I cleaned them up and sold the lot. I made enough to buy a G4 Quicksilver of my own which I still have today. I didn’t tell my co-workers, ex-wife, managers or anyone else.”

3. The affair.

“As a kid I grew up in a small country community of 3000 people, where I went to school etc.

I had a crush on a girl who was 2 years older than me all the way through high school, and when I was 16 I found out she was my half sister as my dad had cheated on my mum. This only came out when she turned 18 and found out who her dad was, prior to that no one knew and my dad and her mum had kept it a secret for 18 years.

Completely f**ked with me for quite a while that I’d had a crush on my half sister for a number of years.”

4. Sleepover.

“As a teen I stayed the night at my best friend’s house and slept in their guest room. I was woken about 2am to the sound of her older brother arriving home intoxicated from a party.

He saw me in the guest room and leaned against the doorway to say hi. He then stumbled down the hallway to his bedroom but never turned the hallway light off, and it made it difficult for me to get back to sleep.

So after about ten to fifteen minutes I got up and walked down the end of the hallway to the lightswitch. I turned it off, and started walking back to my room when I briefly glanced into his bedroom as I walked past.

His door was wide open and he was sitting at his computer with his back facing me. He was naked from the waist down, m**turbating to what looked like transgender p**n (can’t be certain, but it looked like someone in heavy make-up, long hair and with a p**is).

I must have made a noise because he swung around, saw me staring and said “oh s**t” then I immediately and swiftly returned to bed and lay in the dark not able to get the image out of my mind.

Five minutes later I heard him creeping down the hallway. I was like “oh God, here we go”…

He looked so sheepish and uncomfortable. He stood in the doorway and apologised for what I’d seen and begged me not to tell my friend, his little sister.

I swore I’d never tell them and told him it’s fine and to go back to bed.

To this day they wonder why he hasn’t got a girlfriend and they think perhaps he has a crush on me because he “acts weird” around me!”

5. In the dial-up days.

“It was dial-up internet era. I’m now 29.

But we received a phone call. Im not sure if i was home alone or why I answered it. But a man called and explained to me that my dad had affair with his wife.

I hung up and never told anyone except my therapist like a year ago. It has not bothered me much tbh, but it was a weird experience.”

6. Oops.

“I used to work in a shopping centre. One time as I was walking in to the building I sneezed and totally s**t myself, I was about 10 steps away from the shop so I had to think fast.

I took a hard left turn and walked direct in to a department store. I only had $5 on me so I beelined for the underpants section and got the cheapest pair I could find. I then had to go to the centre toilets and sort everything out, it was a real mess.

I text my boss and told them I was stuck in traffic but in reality I was 100 metres away trying to salvage any shred of dignity I could for the next 20 minutes. I’m happy to say the mission was a success and that day is now the benchmark by which all other days are measured. Every day since has been infinitely better.”

7. Coke for days.

“When I was in elementary school, I once lost something so I asked to go to the lost and found. In the lost and found room, which was a big storage closet, they also stored the cokes for the pop machines. I took one.

Then, probably 3-4 times a week, I’d “remember” I lost something else and go steal another coke. I don’t know how long I did this for, but I got a lot of free coke.”

8. Good one.

“When I was 9, my dad and I found a magazine subscription card for a free case of Depends adult diapers.

So we wrote my uncle’s name and address down and put it in the mailbox. He got it a couple weeks later and called everyone in the family to find out who it was.

We knew my uncle was fuming, so we kept it to ourselves. To this day, everyone suspects that it was my other uncle.”

9. Take it to the grave.

“My dad was single and a couple of my friends moms was always bringing us food. My dad would say they were just being nice cause he was a single guy raising 3 kids by himself.

My aunt picked me up from school sick and we head home. She must have known what was up and had me wait in the car. Both of my friends moms came out half dressed and s**t with my aunt yelling at my dad.

I never did tell out of fear. 1 mom was divorced but 1 wasn’t and I was afraid of tearing their family apart. Will take it to my grave.”

10. Yikes.

“I once punched a special needs kid in the face in the school bathroom…………hear me out, I was taking a p**s and he came up behind me and put his hands around my neck.

He wasn’t chocking me, but he did have a firm grip. I zipped up and f**king slugged him hard. He ran out crying down the hall to his classroom and I just went back to mine.”

11. That’s nice.

“One of my friends used to stream on Twitch.

No one really watched him so every now and then id log in with 2 different accounts one on my phone and one on my PC and interact with him for a few hours.

Never told anyone since I didn’t want him to find out I was his 2 biggest fans.”

12. Don’t ever bring it up.

“I didn’t know my best friend’s name for almost 10 years.

She goes by Katie almost exclusively and got it in my head early on that it was short for Katelyn…imagine my surprise when I heard her being referred to as ‘Kathryn’ at our convocation

No right way to bring that one up in a conversation.”

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