14 People Share the Weird Rules That Existed Because of Somebody’s Weirder Past Mistake

We’ve all had jobs and those jobs all have rules.

Right? Right.

Sometimes we run into some really, really weird rules, though… and it’s hard to determine where they come from.

The following 15 people share stories about the times this happened to them… and what they thought about them.

Let’s take a look!

1. Get back, Swedes!

If the water between Denmark and Sweden freezes, and the Swedes walk over we (the Danes) are allowed to hit them with sticks.

I’ve never seen this happen.

2. Come on… who did this?!

In church, there was a sign above the votive candles that read:

“Light only one candle – $7 each.”

Apparently, for $7, someone had lit all 50 votive candles in the stand.

3. They have fun

One of our employees walked into the sliding glass door to the kitchen so hard that it left an imprint/impression of his face on the glass.

HR declared the glass sliding door to be dangerous and requested a sign to be put on the door.

CEO puts a sign on the glass door saying “No Face Planting”.

4. And THAT is how you raise kids!

I worked at a video rental store and we had a big sign at the front of the store that said “CONTROL YOUR CHILDREN” because kids are an organizational nightmare

Here’s why. Bathroom was almost always broken because people would attempt to flush paper towels.

Toward the end of its life the company just stopped paying for plumbers to fix it so it was just permanently broken, stores were shutting down one by one and it was only a matter of time before it was our stores time to go.

Lady came in with her grandson and he needed to pee, but there was nothing I could do. Us employees were using the pizza buffet next door because we had a good relationship with them and bought pizza at least once a week and gave them free rentals. Pizza place didn’t let non-paying customers use the bathroom, so I told the lady they could try the gas station across the parking lot or buy a drink from pizza place.

Nope she just walked outside and told the kid to pee on the sidewalk in a busy shopping center.

5. No chairs, tables OR sofas!

“You are not allowed to bring furniture to camp.”

This was even more impressive because you had to hand carry all your things onto a ferry to get to the camp.

While I would like to take credit for the rule, I only knew the person responsible when they showed up with a recliner.

6. I approve of this tactic!

Worked as a substitute teacher.

During training there was a good 30 minutes reviewing strange rules. One he heavily specified was how we are not allowed to take home class pets.

Turns out a sub the year before had taken home a class gold fish because the tank was too small and then ransomed the gold fish to the class until proof of a larger tank.

7. Oh nuts!

I work as a counselor at a boy scout camp that happens to have coconut trees.

One of the rules I have to read to the scouts is “Do not take a coconut and stick it between your legs and try to stab it with your pocket knife.”

This is because at least one kid some time ago did this resulting in an emergency hospital trip.

8. Wait… what?!?

There’s a train ride at our local amusement park that warns passengers not to hang their babies out of the window.

Yes, there’s a tragic story behind it, I don’t want to get into.

Just kidding! I’m sure it was just something silly like somebody who probably killed their kid.

9. If you tell me not to do something…

On a package of precision screwdrivers “Do not insert into penis.”

Joke one on various laser related things: “Do not look into laser with remaining eye.”

“I’m not saying let’s kill all the stupid people. I’m just saying let’s remove the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out.”

10. Call on me!

Worked at a call center, as it was moving towards shutting down they weirdly got super stringent about rules. Couldn’t have pen and paper so I brought putties and non-sticky slime to give myself something to do during downtime.

Email goes out, no putty or slime. Okay, I’ll finally learn to crochet. Bring in yarn and needles. Email goes out, no crochet or knitting. Fine, l write as a hobby so I’ll type up some blurbs on Word. Maybe make an ‘annoying customer’ bingo sheet on Excel. Email goes out, no longer allowed to use Word or Excel.

Every email was sent like a week or less after I started doing the thing, with the exception of the putty. Timeline made sense to me and my friends, kinda, but I’m sure for everyone else in the call center they were bewildered as f**k.

11. The worst coworker

Worked at an auto body shop. The break room microwave sign said “no fish or birds”.

The guy who worked in the wash bay detailing the cars before they were given back to the customers was about 60 years old, and he always had “weird” stuff for lunch. I’ve seen him with bags full of fish heads, entire birds (feathers and all), mystery bags of unknown meat, etc.

Apparently he had used the break room microwave to cook these sorts of random things and made the entire office reek for days at a time. They ended up putting the old break room microwave in the wash bay (which was in an unattached building) so he could cook all the nasty s**t he wanted to eat without disturbing anyone else.

12. Pretty funny, uni!

Some rules at university were quite funny:

Rubbing your sample on a person who is allergic to nickel is not a valid nickel detection method and will result in failing the course. – Anorganic Chemistry I.

You are supposed to take a tiny sample of your excrement and spread it on the plate. NOT and I repeat not the whole thing itself. – Microbiology class

13. If you get cancer twice… it better be different cancer!

I have a very strange one at my work!

Apparently, if an employee is sick and hospitalized their manager may buy them a gift from the company for up to $40. However if the person is hospitalized for the same again within a calendar year they may not receive another gift. However if they are hospitalized for a different thing, they can receive another $40 gift…

Like what the heck, it’s sooooo detailed. It’s like someone got cancer and kept requesting gifts during chemo. Also, that being said, who cares about giving a person with cancer and extra $40 a week?

14. Philly rules!

I got so many from Philadelphia…

– No singing in the bathtub

– You aren’t allowed to have a child’s bedroom within 200ft of a bathtub

– Illegal to sleep on a refrigerator outside

– Illegal to catch a fish with your hands

And this which I really don’t get

– It is illegal for housewives to hide dirt or dust underneath a rug

I don’t know why these are law or if they are still enforced because I slept outside on my fridge last week so idk

And there you have it! A lot of dumb rules that none of us ever really knew… but now we do!

Which of these seemed like the weirdest?

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