14 People Share Unconventional Hacks That Saved Their Marriages

Everyone’s marriage is different. Honestly, if you’re married for any length of time your own marriage will be different from one year, one decade, one season of life to the next.

The one constant is that if you want things to last, you have to be willing to be flexible, to try different things, and to listen to what your partner needs in order to be happy.

These 14 people tried some unconventional things in order to keep things on an even keel, but they swear they worked out great – so you might want to take notes.

14. You never know what’s going to bring you closer together.

But you’ll be so grateful when it happens.

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13. Having kids doesn’t help everyone.

In fact, sometimes it’s the opposite that does the trick.

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12. You don’t want to be out there again.

You just want fresh appreciation for what you have.

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11. Good sleep can change a person.

Makes us all much more pleasant.

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10. Kids really do change everything.

Sometimes for the better.

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9. A third party and a safe space.

It works miracles.

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8. You’ve gotta be comfortable.

We’re talking about the rest of your life, here.

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7. You need to get into your head.

But not on your own.

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6. Such a personal decision.

I could see how this would be true, and also how the opposite could work for someone else.

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5. I would like to know more.

Like…I have a lot of questions before I will let this slide.

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4. You just have to chill out.

Put things in perspective and all that.

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3. You’ve gotta have an open mind.

And having fun is a must.

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2. I guess…whatever works?

I have to wonder if all parties are aware.

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1. Definitely unconventional.

Best if you can figure all of this out without breaking the law, but glad it worked!

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I think that if it works for the two of you, do it and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

Did you try something different that worked out? Tell us what it was in the comments!