14 People Share What They Think Is a Big Waste of Money

Different strokes for different folks, right?

That saying is especially true when it comes to how folks spend their money.

Some people like to splurge on things that other people wouldn’t even consider buying in a million years.

But, to each their own.

Let’s see what AskReddit users consider to be huge wastes of money.

1. Not worth it.

“Any warranties on cheap items.

Sometimes the warranty itself can equal upwards of almost 25% of the product’s full retail price.

And I’m not being even remotely hyperbolic when I say this.”

2. I’ll make you a star.

“In the music production hobby – anyone selling you a dream.

Rule of thumb for the amateur crowd is that if they are selling you how to make your music better, they are legit. If they are selling you how to become famous, it’s a scam.

Do your own thing and focus on the music. Once your music is really good you’ll have more time to think about it, but there are so many people putting the marketing before the music.

It seems like every other ad I see is some private course on how to become a famous musician, from musicians I never heard of.”

3. Skip it.

“Those $10 bottles of “smart” water.

They are the exact same as normal water, except 500% more expensive.”

4. An expensive vice.


No judgment…just not for me.”

5. The lottery.


My family all buys each other a bunch every Christmas and no one ever wins more than a couple dollars.

It’s basically a family tradition to set a couple hundred dollars on fire and when it’s a pile of ash announce, “well at least we had fun doing it!””

6. Very weird.

“Buying designer clothes for babies.

Seriously, your 6-month-old is going to outgrow those $75 Nikes in like 2 weeks.”

7. The diamond game.


They are only expensive because the people who sell the diamonds have a monopoly and only release small amounts of diamonds, creative artificial scarcity.

It’s like if copper costed 1,000 times as much as it does, and everybody thought that having a ring made of it is a huge symbol of love because some famous people told their parents and grandparents so.”

8. Pretty true.

Election campaigns.

All that money they waste, just to try to combat the lazy ignorance of masses of people who can’t be bothered to research a candidate’s personal record and platform.

Think of all the good things that money could be doing for the American people.

It’s disgusting.”

9. Time to quit.


So you’re spending ton of money to purposefully kill yourself?

Mind you in a slow and painful manner?”

10. That Iced Americano, though…

“Starbucks coffee.

Coffee is ridiculously easy to make for it to be that expensive.”

11. A little pricy.


Eating salads is ok. But I HATE buying salads in a restaurant.

You throw lettuce in a bowl and expect me to pay $10? You didn’t even cook it.”

12. “Thank me later.”

“Most toys for kids.

As an Early Childhood Educator I can tell you that less is more. I have a nephew who’s mom gives a list of stuff her “3 year old wants” and not even halfway into opening his presents he gets bored and walks away.

Things kids enjoy: cars, blocks, books and pretty much anything they can get their hands on outside. Stop wasting your money.

Thank me later.”

13. It adds up.

“Buying a meal out every day.

I see my coworkers go buy lunch and complain how expensive it was or lament about what to order for dinner every night.

Buy yourself some ingredients and make a week’s worth for the price of one meal out! Ugh.”

14. Caskets.

“Expensive caskets.

At one point I had this conversation with my dad and he told me just to get him the cheapest cardboard casket (real thing for those who don’t know) we shared the same idea that when we are gone why are we going to care what we are buried in?

Might as well try and save what money we can for the family, that idea would give more comfort than a flashy box you won’t experience.

When he passed we did exactly that and got the cheapest option.”

I think some people worry that it would be an indicator that the person wasn’t loved, the family is being disrespectful or they’re just being cheap.

Now we’d like to hear from you.

What do YOU consider to be a big waste of money?

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