People Discuss What They Think Is a Huge Waste of Money

We all fantasize about what we would buy if we won the lottery or inherited millions of dollars.

Cars, homes, private islands, an unlimited supply of Skittles.

Hey, everyone is different and that’s why articles like this are so interesting. They give us a peek into how different people think and how they like to spend their hard-earned cash.

What do you think is a huge waste of money?

Here’s what people on AskReddit had to say.

1. Military money.

“Spending more on the military than on health and education.

It’s like buying a million dollar security system but never fixing the roof or foundation.

We could cut our military budget by a 1/3 and still outspend Russia and China together.”

2. A scam?


I mean I’m all for making my wife happy but when you get into the rabbit hole of wedding preps, you’ll realize that it’s a huge scam.”

3. Overpriced.

“The super expensive brand name clothes.

Shoes are justifiable by function and durability, but who needs $50 athletic shorts when the same thing without a logo will set you back at most $15-$20.”

4. This is accurate.

“Smoking is a HUGE waste of money.

More so than just the cigarettes themselves. Also the cost of the diseases that occur due to smoking.

Dental issues, heart and lung diseases, and circulatory issues all increase due to smoking.

I can not think of a BIGGER waste of money and life than smoking.”

5. Drink up!

“A lot of beverages.

Anything from the $7 coffees to $4 ($4!) for a small slushy at Taco Bell or something. People pay a lot of money for various combinations of sugar and water.

Alcohol too is just stupid expensive especially if you go out. $15 Margaritas (there’s our sugar-water!), $10 cans.

It’s all too much.”

6. No need.

“Gender reveal parties and the thing americans and other English speaking countries do for mothers almost right before the baby is born.

Why would you spend so much money on so many presents the kid isnt even going to remember?

Except for the necessities, there’s literally no need.”

7. Yeah, that’s strange.

“Electric can openers.

I mean, here is this thing that takes up more space than a manual one, has moving parts that break, and makes a mess about 50% of the time. The manual one opens cans quicker.

Why in hells name is this even a thing???

Easily the most contentious purchace in our marriage, years later I am still mad that myself for letting my husband convince me to buy the thing.”

8. The fancy stuff.

“Designer clothes and handbags.

No purse is worth $25,000.

And no dress is worth $50,000.”

9. Will cable eventually go away?

“Cable/satellite tv.

Over $100 a month for tv that has ads that you have to watch on their schedule, and nothing is ever on. When my wife left her job and we had to cut expenses we went to just streaming with an antenna, turns out we like it so much better.

We generally just watch Netflix most of the times and we can watch all of our local channels plus it’s so much cheaper.”

10. That is insane.

“Expensive haircuts.

My mother in law pays $400-$600 every month for a cut, treatment, and some stupid “Brazilian blow out”.

Every time she says she’s on the way to the hairdresser I cringe a little inside.”

11. Get a used one.

“A brand new car.

If you have the money to throw away, sure. But you don’t need to have a new car out the gate. I currently own the nicest car I’ve ever had. 2019 Dodge Challenger I bought used for $26k with 18k miles. Kind of a stretch yeah.

I got the OG sticker price it was a $40k car brand new. The car before that was a 2010 Nissan 370z with 55k miles and was $12k. I’ve been in a 1994 Cherokee with over 300k mike’s and the thing still ran like a dream.

The other side note is your brand new car depreciates quite a bit as soon as you drive it off the lot.”

12. A lot of people would disagree with you.


You are literally blowing up your money, they are never worth it. Plus really crappy for animals and people are reckless and stupid with them!

Resulting in fires and injuries.”

13. Booze.


Whatever, drink if you want a drink I guess, but I don’t understand how some people can’t divorce recreation/socializing/dating from being intoxicated.

Instead of using a drug to temporarily induce some kind of short-lived surrogate happiness, you could save your money and find cool things to do you’ll actually remember.”

14. Good point.

“Wrapping paper.

You are buying this so someone rips it up and throws it away.

Waste of trees. Waste of time. Waste of money.”

15. This is interesting.

“Not dealing with homelessness or poverty in general…

It is literally cheaper to pay for social programs and housing for the homeless or vulnerably housed than to deal with the impact on healthcare, police, crime, the stunted economy and other areas that it causes. (Check our million dollar Murray for more).

Scandinavian countries are making great progress here massively reducing or eliminating homelessness and it is cheaper in the long run…

Likewise poverty has a huge impact on the economy. One study found $1 spent on social care, especially in first few years of a baby’s life, brought back $7 in benefits, higher taxes on better paying jobs, reduction in symptom-led social programs, etc.

It’s ironic that conservatives typically argue for reduced social spending on ‘fiscal responsibility’ when the research shows it’s far far cheaper.

Meanwhile more liberal politicians have yet to effectively market these programs as again budget enablers and smart fiscal policies.”

What do you think about this?

What would never consider spending money on?

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