14 People Share What They Think Is Normal at 3 A.M. But Terrifying at 3 P.M.

The middle of the night versus the middle of the day brings different expectations of what “normal” should be…

And some things that are perfectly normal in the middle of the night are creepy as hell during the day.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. In the woods.

“Silence at 3am in the middle of the woods.

Fall camping is wonderful in the daytime and kinda terrifying at night!

It’s a very weird thing to wake up in the tent and not hear any sticks cracking or bugs/frogs.”

2. Where is everyone?

“Going outside and finding the streets completely empty.

Like NYC during the shutdown.”

3. Something is up.

“Night owls, especially if there are bands of them.

If you see them then there’s something weird going on.”

4. Like a horror film.

“Thick fog.

It’s creepy to see it at 3am, but fog lingering well into the afternoon is downright unsettling.”

5. Empty.

“An empty street.

This happened to me. I worked 2nd-into-3rd shift so I’d wake up pretty late. Went outside to walk up to the corner store for a drink. Didn’t really notice the complete absence of Everyone until getting to the 24-hr store and it was locked.

On my way home, cop pulled up and asked why I was still here. “what do you mean”. Apparently I slept through police and fire departments going door to door telling everyone within several blocks of this major gas main that had been ruptured to evacuate.”

6. Scary!

“Me, naked in the kitchen, silently eating cheese.

Scared the s**t out of my roommate.”

7. Boo!

“Seeing a ghost.

3 am is when you’re MEANT to see ghosts, so you’re kinda expecting it.

Seeing one at 3 pm means it’s lost its fear of the light and will haunt you any hour.”

8. Risky business.


Always risky to try and take an afternoon nap.

Never know when you’ll end up waking up.”

9. Sounds pretty specific…

“Still being high from the edible you ate at 8 pm, given to you by a friend who said it wasn’t that strong, and you went to work anyway.”

10. Ahhhh!

“A vixen scream. Google it.

I heard it outside my window and nearly soiled myself.

I thought someone was being m**dered.”

11. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

“Being naked.

Being unconscious.

Being simultaneously naked and unconscious.

Anxiety attacks.”

12. You been drinking?

“Being d**nk, I guess.

At 3 am I know I’m not the only one, but at 3pm I have to pretend I’m not d**nk to all the other members of the society.”

13. Run for it!

“Bats flying around

Or honestly, any nocturnal animal.”

14. Brutal.

“The sky being pitch black.

I really feel for those who live far north who experience darkness all day.”

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