14 People Share What They Think Is the Most Professional Way to Tell Someone Off

Sometimes, it’s better to be clever to make someone realize that they’re being a jerk.

Instead of saying, “hey, f**k off!”, you can go another, classier route.

For example, if someone had a huge ego and thought they were a big shot, my dad would always say they were “impressed with their importance.”

I always liked that one.

Folks on AskReddit talked about what they believe is the most professional way to tell someone to “F Off”.

Let’s take a look.

1. Ouch.

“I work at Disney World, we say “Have a magical day”

Now I know the cast members usually say it but if you were being a d**k and they say it to you then that’s a f**k you.”

2. We’re done here.

“It’s great to hear everyone’s input.

I’ll email with my decision.”

3. Thanks!

“Once a guy said to my colleague “you really should work on your (communication) skills”.

His answer was: “oh, good to know, thanks.””

4. Give it a shot!

“”I shall take that under consideration and sincerely appreciate your contribution to this larger discussion.”

Suggests that you have heard them but also drops that there are factors involved beyond them and, perhaps, even you.

Gives you an out while remaining onside.”

5. Table it.

““Let’s table this for now.”

Or a more subtle sign off to an email sent late Thursday or early Friday morning: “Have a great weekend!” Meaning, leave me the f**k alone now.”

6. I might reach out.

“I appreciate your feedback, however, I’ve decided to go this route.

If I need anything further, I’ll reach out to you.

Have a great day!”

7. Perfect!

““Ok. My people need me”.

And then you leave.”

8. I’ve heard this before…

“The classic phrase of the US South: “Bless your heart”

Choose your tone carefully though.

It can either mean “bless your literal soul I love you” or “you’re the dumbest person I’ve ever met and I pity your stupidity”.”

9. Pretty good.

“One of my old bosses had an amazing response to a customer who was absurdly demanding.

“I am very sorry that we are unable to meet your expectations for quality. I recommend that, in the future, you take your custom to an establishment more suitable to your needs, as you have made so clear that we are unable to help you any further.””

10. In the Navy.

“When I was in the Navy there was a phrase, “Roger that” that was used to let someone know you heard what they said.

Eventually it turned in to a nice way of telling someone to f**k off without actually saying it.

Especially the higher ups .”

11. Noooooo!

“Though we were impressed with your skill set, we chose not to move forward with you in our application process.”

12. LOL.

“Please find somewhere else to exist”

Or “Your absence is required.”

13. Try these on for size.

“I will take that into consideration.

I will look into it.

I’ll take a look when I get the chance.

I’ll have to get back to you on that.

I will let you know when I get a chance.”

14. Both of these will do.

“I’ll look into that when I get to it.”

“Why don’t you step back and take some time alone to brainstorm a few solutions.”

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