14 People Share What They’d Wish for if a Genie Suddenly Appeared

World peace?

Reverse climate change?

A new lawnmower?

What do you think you’d wish for if a genie suddenly appeared and granted you a wish?

Are you ready to have some fun?!?!

Let’s see what people had to say!

1. I’m on board with this.

“I wish for a robust public transit system in every urban and suburban area of the world.

I wish for high speed rail system connecting all major cities of the world.”

2. Yes!

“I wish for all public colleges to have zero tuition costs.


3. For the kids.

“That my children will be happy and have all the education, tools, and help to navigate the world with their autism.”

4. Just imagine…

“C**arettes are good for you.

No STDs or unwanted pregnancies.

Pet cat and dogs live as long as their owners.”

5. Gotta go back in time.

“I would wish to go back in time with the knowledge that I have today.

I could make so many differnt decisions and save a few lives that I was close to.”

6. True love.

“Peace and justice for all life on Earth and includes open borders so that all the people that have been separated by borders, like my fiancé and I, aren’t in forced separation ever again.”

7. All you need.

“My driver’s license, another 10k In the bank, and for my friends to feel genuine joy.

I’ve got the rest covered from there.”

8. Show me the money.

“Unlimited funding.

With the restriction that everything spent on myself or family an equal amount is spent on the good for humanity.

Humanity spending does not work in reverse.”

9. I like it!

“A castle complete with stone wall and mote overlooking the eel river on a hilltop in Northern California surrounded by a redwood forest with well solar etc.”

10. Let’s hope so.

“I wish for the companies producing the most waste and C02 emissions to try and help reverse climate change and save the earth.”

11. I feel this one.

“I wish all my dogs from the past were alive and in their prime again. I miss them.

And that my current dog was set back to her prime, she’s an older girl now.”

12. Good luck with that.

“I wish politicians worldwide in this and all future generations will become selfless and incorruptible.”

13. See the world.

“A first class plane ticket that never expires, can be used as often as I like, to any destination.”

14. To the good life.

“To be able to make children all around the world that are sick, orphaned, and poor, live a happier and healthier life full of opportunities.”

What would you wish for if a genie showed up?

Let us know in the comments!

Thanks a lot!