14 People Share What’s on Their Anti-Bucket List That They’ll Never Do Again

We hear about what’s on peoples’ bucket lists all the time, but today we’re gonna flip that old adage on its head!

What’s on your anti-bucket list?

In other words, what would you never do again?

Let’s dig into the answers from people on AskReddit!

1. Nope.

“Rent a car while visiting New York City.

It’s like babysitting someone’s kid on vacation.”

2. Learned a lesson.

“Assume every co-worker is a friend.

The new girl at work snitched on me to my boss for venting during an extremely stressful day.

Caused a big fight with my boss and I ended up saying f**k this and quitting.”

3. Don’t do it.

“Settling for a relationship knowing you are not really happy.

Never. Again.”

4. Hell no.

“Go to Times Square for New Years Eve.

Looks great on TV.

Not great in person unless you pay to get in the walled off area.”

5. Big mistake.

“Go to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day.

Shoulder-to-shoulder people, insane lines, and nothing special I couldn’t see earlier in the month.”

6. That’s it.

“Childbirth and the postpartum period.

I love my daughter but I’m one and done.”

7. Ugh.

“I refuse to ever do retail again.

People are literally such a**holes and don’t realize your trying to help them and still get their job done.”

8. Good for you.

“Binge drink.

I used to go on benders for a week or two.

Now I barely ever drink.”

9. Not a good time.

“3 1/2 hour jungle hike with almost no water and wearing only a bathing suit and water shoes.

I didn’t do this by choice but was more or less forced into it and it SUCKED.”

10. Close call.

“Camping by a river that was flooded by melting snow from an area that was 6 hours away and having to be heli-rescued.

It was f**king embarrassing.”

11. Don’t submit!

“I’ll never submit entirely to my cravings. I once made and ate 2 boxes of Mac & cheese, and then snacked on some pickles.

I was awoken that night by the fury boiling in my loins and I ended up on the toilet for around 5 hours. Turns out I had given myself temporary lactose intolerance by using up all of the lactase in my body.

Since your body produces lactase (the enzyme which digests lactose) very slowly, I ended up learning later that I was lactose intolerant for a few days after.”

12. That’s a bummer.

“Work in academia.

Left two years ago and never looking back. F**k that noise.

As soon as the business folk became in charge of the institution instead of the professors, it was all over.

Changing the model from ” how can we best teach and research knowledge” to “how can we make more money to expand” destroyed the core philosophy.”

13. Nice work!

“Smoke. Did it for 14 years.

I feel so much better having quit.

Been about 10 years since and the amount of money saved and the smell and the cough.”

14. Man vs. Food.

“Food challenges.

I tried eating a 1kg steak once and almost threw up.

That was my first and last food challenge.”

What’s on your anti-bucket list?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks a lot!