14 People Talk About Natural Things They Think Seem Fake

Wait…is that real or is that fake…?

Have you ever said that to yourself before about something that you saw?

I’m pretty sure we all have!

And today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about natural things they think seem fake.

Let’s take a look!

1. Everlasting storm.

“Catatumbo Lightning, also known as the Beacon of Maracaibo or the “everlasting storm”, is seasonal lightning around Lake Maracaibo in northern Venezuela.

The region endures more than 160 storm nights a year, nine hours per day, and with lightning flashes from 16 to 40 times per minute.”

2. Nature is wild.

“Caterpillar metamorphosis.

Their bodies break down inside the chrysalis and reconstruct into something new.”

3. No way, man…


You open up a plain-looking rock and there’s suddenly a bunch of bright colorful s**t in there?

No way, man…”

4. Sound waves.

“The different shapes that show up when you place sand over a speaker and see the sound wave patterns.”

5. Keep staring at it.

“Laminar Flow Effect.

When flowing water appears to be perfectly still.”

6. Peacocks are cool.

“Peacock’s tails. So intricate, like someone crocheted it. And the colors are mythical.

We fantasize about unicorns and I’m over here yelling, “But we have peacocks!!””

7. Mind Blowing.

“The Northern Lights.

Having seen them hundreds of times, yep. They are intrinsically different every time they happen. It was really hard for my brain to process something bigger than the sky, moving from one side of it to the other in split seconds.

No picture or video can make you feel the whole field of vision of how mind blowingly alien they look.”

8. Every one is different.


When you look at them up close the details and individual design of each one is insane.”

9. Trippy.

“Time dilation.

Time not being a constant, that time is relative to velocity.”

10. They’re real.


I had to convince one of my high school teachers they were real.”

11. Check out those rings.

“Saturn’s rings

You can see some spectacular views of Saturn through either a reflector or refractor telescope. Even a small telescope will let you glimpse Saturn’s rings.”

12. White nights.

“White Night in the Arctic during the summer months. It’s a phenomenon in which the Sun doesn’t really “set,” and the darkest it gets outside is twilight.

Imagine it being 2 AM, and being outside with the Sun fully up. It’s surreal.

There are actually festivals in St. Petersburg during this time!”

13. Rituals.

“Animal mating rituals, especially birds.

You’re telling me this bird is going to collect all this blue stuff and decorate their home way better than I ever could, in the hopes it’ll impressive this chick enough she’ll boink him and have his babies?

Or that this other bird is not only going to do this very fancy dance to impress the female he’s got his eye on, but he’s going to practice it with another male to make sure it’s right? Seriously?

I don’t remember the names of the birds, but they were on a David Attenborough documentary. It’s just so bizarre and ridiculous.”

14. Baffling.

“Asparagus grows like someone is trying to trick you into thinking that’s how it grows. Literally just looks like you bought some at the store and stuck it in the dirt.

I worked one summer on a pot farm that used to be an asparagus field and remember just being absolutely baffled.”

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