14 People Talk About the Best Life Advice They’ve Ever Received

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We can find life advice in the strangest of places these days.

Imagine in the years before the Internet and Reddit if someone had told you that a complete stranger on a computer might be able to give you some tips that could improve your life…and that you’d actually believe it!

We live in a wild world, ladies and gentlemen. And that’s why it’s important to use the Internet and social media for good purposes, which is what these folks did.

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Compliments galore.

“Give people compliments behind their back.

‘I would never say this to her face, but she’s a wonderful person and a gifted artist.’

I’ve always tried to do this because I feel like when you talk bad about others behind their backs, it invites people to do the same about you.”

2. This totally works.

“If you want someone to answer your question in all detail, just keep quiet, in 99% of all cases theyll keep adding information just to fill the silence.”

3. I didn’t know that!

“That USB ports in the back of TVs can be used to charge your phone.

Has saved me on a couple of trips abroad when I’ve forgotten a plug adapter!”

4. You have to start somewhere.

“If you want to be good at something, you first have to be willing to be bad at it.”

5. Stop the crying.

“If you find yourself on the verge of tears, find a random object in your line of sight and start mentally describing it, somehow it takes away from the emotions and lets your brain reset.

I found this tip a few months after my Dad died and had been having trouble driving to and from work without breaking down into a puddle of tears.

First time I tried it I chose a lamp post and was blown away that it stopped the floodgates. Years later I still use this tip if I feel I’m on the verge of crying for any reason.”

6. You’re gonna need it.

“When you buy a new piece of furniture that you have to put together, tape the spare hardware and included tools to the underside or inside a drawer.”

7. Get ‘er done.

“5 second rule.

If you’re lazy to do something, slowly count to 5 and do it.”

8. Get more out of your weekend.

“Clean your house/apartment on your Thursday night.

I started doing this after reading it maybe a year ago and it has made a huge difference in making my weekends much more relaxing.”

9. Cleaning is good for the soul.

“If you are feeling depressed and can’t think of anything useful to do to get out of your funk, clean something.”

10. Never heard of this one.

“Use your hands to squeegee water off of your body after a shower, before getting out. It only takes a couple of seconds but helps you dry tremendously faster, and you get much less water on the floor/in your towel.”

11. I might have to try this.

“Using dental floss to lift up the toenail helped me get rid of an in-grown toenail that I had suffered for years.”

12. Take care of that scalp.

“That washing my hair every day was making my head itch. Someone in another ask Reddit thread about hygiene suggested that if your scalp itches and flakes it could be that you are washing your hair too often.

He recommended washing it with shampoo every three days instead of every day. I took the advice and it worked although I can only go two days without my hair starting to stink. Saw a reduction in the flaking and the itching has gone away totally.”

13. Being followed.

“If you’re suspecting that someone is following you while walking/driving, take 3 right turns in a row, if they’re still there, you’re being followed.

And don’t go home. I got followed one night by 2 guys in a truck. I remembered to take the 3 rights and they were still right behind me. Remembered not to go home; forgot to drive to the police station 5 blocks away.

Ended up making it through a light that they had to stop for, quickly turned off that road and got myself home. Scary shit. It’s been almost 30 years and I still remember it. Trust your instincts! If my gut hadn’t told me something was wrong I would have driven straight home.”

14. You don’t want this stuff to be buried.

“If you’re long distance moving, make up a first day box consisting of basic cookware and ingredients, your wifi router, computer, some clothes, toiletries and whatever other necessities you need until you get all of your stuff.”

15. Try it out.

“When a large cluster of people are walking towards you, you can make them all move out of your way simply by walking slower than them.

It’s crazy how the human mind works.”

There are some really good tips in those comments that you might want to consider using in your own life.

How about you?

Have you ever received any really good advice from someone online? Maybe on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

If so, please share it with us in the comments!