16 Great Tips About Life People Want to Share

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I’m a big fan of always trying to improve in every aspect of life. That means I take as many tips and pieces of advice from everywhere I can find it.

Parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, and even the good folks on Reddit.

You never know what you’re going to learn in life, so it’s best to keep your ears and your mind open at all times.

Here are 16 pieces of life advice from AskReddit users. We hope they help.

1. Don’t be angry.

“You can be angry at…

You can be angry with…

You can be angry because…

But try never to just be angry.

It helped me immensely when it came to talking about how something made me feel and why it made me feel that way.”

2. All good tips.

“-Achieve something constantly

-be productive for awhile without the possibility of failure

-get up and moving

-improve your immediate surroundings

-distract yourself

If your problem is clinical it may not help that much, but if you’re just a little down it will definitely cheer you up.”

3. Take care of that back.

“You should always buy good products for anything that separates you from the ground, ie. Shoes, chairs mattress.

Don’t cheap out on it, your back and joints will thank you for it later.”

4. Don’t even bother.


There are people who believe whatever they are going to believe, and if you let them, they will try and push it on anyone that will listen. Don’t give them that chance with you, no matter what they say.”

5. A creed to live by.

“If you go outside and you meet several people and one’s an asshole, you met an asshole.

If you go outside and all you meet is assholes, you’re the asshole.”

6. Try not to worry.

“A comment that hit me surprisingly hard, despite being obvious, is about why you shouldn’t worry about things.

There are two possible outcomes – 1. You worry about something and it turns out fine, in which case, what was the point in worrying? 2. You worry about something and it turns out horribly, in which case what good did worrying do?”

7. Sleep on it.

“If I was mad about something towards another person, give it one night of sleep.

If it’s still on my mind then I could still talk to the other person but this time I’d be a lot calmer, and if I don’t even remember it, then it wasn’t worth the trouble to begin with.

Helped me manage my temper.”

8. Spice it up!

“Someone posted how they and their partner/spouse go to a restaurant they’ve never been to before on the date of their anniversary each month.

My partner and I have been doing this for a over a year now and it’s really fun and just adds a little something extra to going out together. And it makes sure we don’t go to the same 5 places over and over.”

9. Do your own thing.

“You don’t have to follow the Life Plan.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes and needs and it doesn’t always align up with the general social norm – and that’s fine (so long as you’re not hurting someone else).”

10. Stop putting everything off.

“Do things that your future self will appreciate. Unload the dishwasher now, so future you doesn’t have to tomorrow morning.

Get gas on your way home, so future you doesn’t have to do it on the way to work. It sounds dumb, but it works for me.”

11. Friendly faces are good.

“Remember people’s names and a tidbit or two about them. Recognize them and ask them like, “How’s that x of yours going?”, “Hey, you got x.” or “That x of yours is coming along well.”.

Friendly faces happy to see you everywhere.”

12. Can’t have it both ways.

“You can’t love someone and try to control them at the same time.

It taught me as much about how others should treat me as how I should treat others.”

13. Play around in the kitchen.

“While learning recipes is great, it’s much MUCH better to learn to cook off of instincts. Practice diving slicing and chopping veggies. Learn what each ingredient does.

Binging with banish is great with this, as his basic series is like a canvas. Don’t settle cause your food is only ok, add more salt if you like saltier food, add cream if you want a smoother food etc.”

14. Listening is important.

“When having a conversation with someone, make a conscious effort to fully listen to them instead of half listening and thinking of your reply at the same time.”

15. Get those ZZZZZZZZZs.

“Struggle getting to sleep?

Sleep hygiene is very important. Fresh sheets every 2-3 days; a tidy and dust free bedroom; shower before bed.

Tidying the whole bedroom might not make sense but it really does help. You know how good looking food seems to tasting better? Same rule with your bedroom.”

16. Always a tough situation.

“When you have a pet that needs to be put down, never do this at the vet, but have it done at home, if you have a choice.

Pets are terrified of going to the vet and you don’t want to see your beloved pet scared and all when you have to say goodbye… better for the pet because it can die in peace, better for you because you don’t have to see it all afraid in the last moments of his/ her life.

It’s already hard enough…”

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to start using some of these tips in my own life.

Now we’d like to hear from you!

In the comments, share tips and advice that you think people need to know about.

Please and thank you!