14 People Talk About the Most Messed-Up Things They Ever Saw at School

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Going to school while growing up is like a minefield filled with innumerable obstacles that kids have to navigate. Bullies, mean teachers, crazy coaches, raging hormones, etc.

It’s a lot to deal with for young people. And you know with that many people thrown together under one roof, some weird and bad shit is gonna happen.

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. Never saw him again.

“In 6th grade, my math teacher was arrested for having child pornography on his laptop and watching it during breaks. He had just finished helping me on a math problem when he looked up at me, smiled, and said “i really like that birthmark on your face, it looks like a teardrop it looks really cute” when the vice principal walks into the room and asks him to step outside.

We have big windown in our classroom and the front door was wide open. Outside stood the entire administration and 2 police officers. The vice principal took his laptop. And they left. Never saw that teacher again.”

2. Kids are brutal.

“Saw a girl stomp on another girl’s jaw with her high heeled boot for looking at her boyfriend at the next lunch table over.

I heard she had to get her jaw wired.”

3. Shitty kid.

“Saw a kid throw a pickle ball paddle at a gym teacher. Knocked her unconscious, blood everywhere.

He was suspended for some time, he was an asshole.”

4. Gang bangin’.

“Mexican gang member stabbed another Mexican gang member in the neck with a pencil, in class. It was 8th grade.

He lived.”

5. Awful.

“Someone hung themselves in the girls locker room. People came in to change, and had to hold her feet up to make sure that she didn’t die.

It was fucked.”

6. The collapse.

“It was a rival football game and the stands were packed.

A section of the old wood bleachers collapsed and 20 or so students went to the hospital with numerous broken bones, concussions, and lacerations of various degrees.”

7. All for some potatoes…

“A kid jumped over the balcony to try and beat the rush on mashed potato day.

He broke both his legs. Did not get his potatoes.”


“A girl with bulimia tried to shout down a spiral staircase, but because her gag reflex was so weak she vomited from a great height instead.

Oh the splash.”

9. Why the hell would anyone do this?

“A kid clipped the tip of his tongue off with a pair of safety scissors after someone dared him to.”

10. Not a good outcome.

“These 2 kids got into fight at my school. Somewhere during the tussle one kid lost his balance and on the way down threw the meanest uppercut ever.

He connected on the other kids bare teeth and pushed them into his gums. He fucked up his own hand REALLY bad. Blood just everywhere and no teachers in sight for like another 3 minutes.”

11. This is an epic story.

“Two guys in my class would always race to the door when the bell rang and try to get the other one late.

One day one of them made it in class with a couple seconds to spare so he whips around and slams the door closed.

I sat in the front of the class at the time and all I see is a pointer finger shoot out from the hinge-side of the door and bounce onto one of those metal shelves.

The kid began sreaming outside the door and my teacher, being the kind lady she was, ran to the door to see what had happened, but before she can get there, I guess she saw the finger and let out a whimper and collapsed to the ground

Mind you, this was a matter of seconds and now everyone in my class was alert, but before anyone could react, the kid runs into the classroom and yells “MY FINGER!!” And sure enough there was only a bloody nub where is pointer finger got cleanly cut off.

All I remember after that was the other kid began to panic and get more hysterical than the guy who got his finger cut off. (Shock is one hell of a drug lol) By now, a bunch of other kids were up and yelling outside the hallways for help while I got some tissues for the kid to help the bleeding

In the end the kid went to the ER and actually got the finger 90% fixed, he says he still cant feel some parts of that finger but he was fine.

The teacher ended up going to the nurses office and ended up fine, I know she went home for the day so overall the day was a 6/10, got less homework.”

12. Take it all in.

“I was in 9th grade.

One of our classmates got drunk, stripped and streaked the lunchroom, gymnasium, basically any place crowded. The staff was afraid to tackle a naked teenager so we all got an eyeful.”

13. The story of the year.

“Someone had taken a massive shit, it was larger than a coffee cup in width and considerably longer. So large it was impossible to flush. People were lined up into the halls to see this monstrosity, including faculty.

You know it’s a small town when when a turd calls that much attention.”

14. That must’ve been a sign.

“The white dove they released for “peace day” got immediately snatched mid flight by a red tailed hawk.

This was in elementary school.”

There sure are some crazy stories in those responses, huh?

Now it’s your turn. In the comments, please tell us the most messed-up thing you ever saw at school.

Please and thank you!