14 People Talk About Weird Quirks Their Bodies Have

All of us have weird quirks with our bodies.

Some of us are double-jointed, some of us have webbed toes, and others have birthmarks that look like Elvis.

The possibilities are endless!

But they’re all unique in special in their own way…and also kind of weird.

Let’s get weird with some folks on AskReddit.

1. Blurred vision.

“I can blur my vision at will.

Apparently some people can and some can’t. Means we can see those 3D eye puzzles immediately by just changing our vision. Has something to do with depth of focus.

Also great for watching horror movies or graphic scenes. Looks like I’m watching but everything is blurred. It’s like a visual censor switch.”

2. Check this out.

“My spine is about 2 inches to the left of where it should be in my lower back.

Cool party trick.”

3. Interesting…

“I only sweat on one side of my face and have a green eye and a blue one.

It’s called Horner’s syndrome, had it since birth.”

4. A new thing.

“Several years ago I underwent bariatric surgery.

Ever since shortly after I eat I peel off a series of strong sneezes.

Apparently it’s called “gustatory rhinitis”. Never had that pre-surgery.”

5. Are you human?

“I can spread all of my toes out really far from each other, with none of them touching at all.

It sounds insignificant, but every person I show ends up giving me a big reaction.”

6. Some eye issues.

“My eyes are not level.

Makes sunglasses look crooked and hard to trim sideburns evenly.

Also my right eye tear duct weeps sometimes.”

7. To the right.

“My head is tilted to the right (by default lol not that I can’t tilt it to the other side, it’s just my normal resting position).

My parents told me that’s how it’s been since I was a baby. No problems with bones or muscles as they’ve had it checked for years.

Doctors say it might be caused by a muscle in my eye which makes me tilt my head to see lines as straight.

I’ve never met anyone with the same case.”

8. Thumbs.

“I was born with an extra thumb on my right hand.

Unfortunately it was removed because it wasn’t functional and hindered the other thumb, but the remaining thumb is very strangely shaped and has a gnarly scar.

It’s also mostly not functional.”

9. You’re lucky!

“I can eat anything I want and I don’t really seem to gain weight or get fat.

I’m almost 40, still eating donuts and pizza whenever I want, still crushing bags of candies and chips every night and still have a 6 pack and look better now than I did when I was in the gym 4-5 days a week in my 20’s. My body seems to have learned how to process junk food like it’s clean protein.

People think it’s odd and make comments about it pretty often when they see me eat. I get a kick out of their confusion and curiosity. My BIL’s professional medical opinion is that I have a false leg.

All my blood work comes back great on an annual basis too.”

10. Like a superpower.

“I heal surprisingly fast.

Wipe out on skateboard and get nasty, deep scrapes? Gone with a scar in a week or two.

Cut my finger? Fold the skin back over, don’t touch it, healed overnight”

11. Ahhhhh!

“I was born without a uvula and I can spit out of my nose through a hole in the front of my mouth.”

12. That’s annoying.

“I aggressively sneeze during and after every hot shower for at least 45 minutes straight.

It’s horrible.”

13. Crackin’ and poppin’.

“All of my joints crack, pop and grind.

I sound like a glowstick all the time, especially if I’ve been sitting for more than ten minutes.”

14. Pitch black.

“I have really good eyesight in the dark, like I couldn’t read a book in pitch darkness but I could see stuff.

It p*sses my fiancée off as I’ll walk into a room at night and everything’s pretty much visible so I don’t turn a light on.

If we’re going to bed and I do this she then follows expecting me to have turned the lamp on but nope because I think it’s pretty light still and then she ends up tripping over something because apparently it’s really dark 😂”

15. Unusual.

“I can sleep while standing up.

I found this out during a summer bridge program I went to the summer before I started college. The counselors told us to stand up in the back if we ever got tired during class.

Little did I know just how tired I was going to get.”

Does your body have any odd quirks?

If so, please tell us about them in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear from you!