14 People Talk About What They Do to Escape Reality

I have a few things I like to do to escape reality.

I love to read and get totally lost in books.

I enjoy watching hockey to unwind.

And, like a lot of folks, movies and TV shows are a good way to get away from it all for a few hours.

What do you do to escape reality?

Here’s what folks had to say on AskReddit.

1. Not a bad idea.

“I pretend I won the lottery and escape to my first 24 hours of being debt free.

It works to put me asleep, when I need to disassociate from a bad feeling, etc.”

2. Works for you.

“I find a cozy, somewhat isolated section of a trail or creek and smoke a cigar while listening to podcasts.

Can’t say it’a the healthiest habit, but it gets me outdoors and makes me less anxious.”

3. Music is life.

“Play music.

Yesterday I was feeling sad about Covid. I sat at the piano and played Handel’s ‘Sarabande’ over and over for like two hours in a daze of feeling weird and missing my life.”

4. Very nice!


You get a reward at the end and improve your skills for the next go round.

Since you have to eat daily, it is also a good money saver.”

5. Try it.

“You really need to try lucid dreaming.

It takes time but is the best there are several books you can read them for instructions and you can do anything in your dreams on your own command.

It’s pretty cool.”

6. Great!


If you black out multiple days in a row it feels like time travel.”

7. Stuck in the human world.

“I pretend I am a robot stuck in a human world that needs to blend in by acting overly human.

An example, I felt down so I put my phone and stuff away and got some food at a noodle place. Since I had no phone to bypass time I instead marvled at the chefs putting together a meal for me and made sure they got hyped up by me watching.

After enjoying a meal that I watched with so much anticipation I let those guys know that damnnn that food made my day! It makes an occurence like just going to eat food alot less boring dystopia and alot more human!”

8. Time to get away.

“I dream about buying a bit of land somewhere ruralish, building a small home, having animals. Nothing fancy.

Just away from people and away from the noise of life.”

9. An adventure.

“Go free diving.

You have to leave absolutely everything behind at the surface. Quiet your mind, calm your body, and meditate while you sink into the weightless and peaceful embrace of Mother Ocean. Plus you can get super close to all of your gilled friends.

Or rock climbing (real climbing outside), similar concept but not quite as immersive.”

10. All good options.

“Smoke weed, take long showers, take a hike in the nearby wilderness preserve.

Or play Skyrim for the 34th time.”

11. Get lost in a book.

“Reading books is definitely my favorite way to immerse myself in another world.

TV and video games don’t do it quite the same way for me.”

12. Make something.

“Step into my woodshop and make something.

It’s essentially an analog process for me I try to keep computers out of the shop.”

13. Strumming.

“Play guitar. It’s pretty much impossible to worry and stress while doing it.

It disengages that part of my brain or something. It’s got me through some tough times lately.”

14. Peaceful.

“I love my deck after dark. Like a lot of people here I used to stay up late to be alone.

Now I like to sit out on my deck in the dark. Very peaceful.”

How about you?

Tell us what you do to escape reality in the comments.

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