14 People Talk About What They Think We’re in the Golden Age Of

I guess we’re always in the golden age of something, right?

And I guess that can be good or bad, depending on what we’re talking about…

But it’s time to hear from AskReddit users about what they think about this.

Let’s take a look.

1. Drink up!


There are so many different types of beers and so many craft breweries all over the world, my experience in the U.S.A. is that almost anywhere you go you can find some unique brewery with a special beer. We are truly in the golden age of beer.”

2. Amazing options.

“Vegan and vegetarian food.

My fiancé is vegetarian, and the options today are amazing. Impossible, beyond, and all their new products that are available.

Most of our favorite restaurants also have meat substitutes.”

3. Luxury.

“Incredible high performance factory cars.

Modern cars are faster, more luxurious, more efficient, and more powerful than ever thanks to modern engineering.”

4. Laugh your a** off.

“Stand-up comedy.

Easy access to specials and most comics have podcasts too.”

5. Get scared!

“Horror movies.

2022 has had some of the best years in horror & the trend looks to be continuing to 2023.

Scream 5 & 6 is out soon, Smile, Barbarian, Nope, X, Pearl, Hellraiser, Terrifier movies, Prey, Bodies Bodies Bodies, Fresh – all fantastic & popular movies.”

6. Shout it out.

“The golden age of your voice being heard.

You could post a video now and it wouldn’t be uncommon to see it get 100,000 views or more- that kind of access is just crazy.”

7. Let’s hope not.


The movie Idiocracy is on the way…a time like HG Wells wrote about…strong backs with weak minds will rule while the intelligent are pushed into dark fearsome places.”

8. Thirsty?


Almost all brands are making new flavors and it’s never been easier to just order some from anywhere.”

9. The games live on.

“Retro gaming.

Classic games are living on due to vibrant modding scenes and communities.

There are so many awesome projects to discover online that it seems endless.”

10. Sad.


There has never been a greater divide between technological advancement and the complete disregard for facts and science than now.”

11. Anything you want.


For real.

I can pick almost any topic conceivable and learn to my hearts content. Articles, books, videos, etc. all at the tips of my fingers.

Sure, the internet is full of a lot of trash but there’s so much information that’s good out there.”

12. Cool!

“Board games.

If you are a board game geek like me, there has never been a better time in terms of the number of interesting games available and the number of people who are interested in playing them.

Compared to games like Risk and Monopoly and Stratego that I grew up with, it’s like we’ve gone from the Model T to a Corvette.”

13. Tons of it.


We always have new things coming in and you can find a form of entertainment everywhere.

And there’s always something that someone will like.”

14. True.

“Echo chambers.

So even though there’s lots of information available, people still choose to believe what they want because they will always be able to find someone else who agrees with them.”

What do you think we’re in the golden age of?

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