14 People Think About The Things That Physically Hurt Far More Than They Should

There are things in life that we expect to hurt, so when it happens, it sucks but we were somewhat prepared.

I think we’re somewhat affronted by the things that seem small, or like no big deal, but that end up knocking us right on our butts with pain.

That’s exactly what these 14 people are describing with these things that hurt way more than it should.

14. If you know, you know.

Scooter ankle.

Lmao lets spin the scooter really fast



13. Especially these days.

Paper cut.

Don’t forget the hand sanitizer! It lets you know the paper cut exists.

12. I forgot about these.

How about a paper cut’s older brother, a cardboard cut.

The worrrrst. It’s like a papercut that rubs a bunch of dust into the wound at the same time.

11. Evil flowers.

I was gardening. Got poked by a rose thorn. Yes the thorn hurt but for the next few days the finger it poked had the most excruciating pain when I bend my joints. It was awful.

Rose thorns bear a fungus called sporothrix schenckii which can cause anything from mild infection all the way to serious ulcers in joints, even spreading to the nervous system in rare cases.

Normally, cleaning out the area immediately after being jabbed is enough to protect you.

10. Headaches are awful.

Severe headaches that lasts the entire day.

I dealt with blinding migraines for 25 days a month for the past year. I finally found the right meds and recently I feel like I have my life back. The thought of having a headache scares me now.

9. Real talk.

Getting up to go to work on Monday morning.

8. Nothing funny about it.

When you hit that bundle of nerves in your elbow, aka the “funny bone”.

Not sure which is worse, the fact we actually evolved to have something like that, or that someone decided “funny bone” was a good slang term for it.

7. Human anatomy fail.

Hitting your shin. Why were we built with zero shin protection??

I got my shin caught in between a stair and the full weight of an 800L aquarium tripping while carrying it with a buddy. That’s a glass corner.

Didn’t even notice it at the time, trying to save the glass from shattering on the stone stairs. When my buddy pointed it out tho. That started pulsating.

Big portion of the muscle on the front died.

6. Ruins your yummy food, too.

Burning your tongue. I swear it hurts for the next week.

When you burn the skin right behind your front teeth and it’s all swollen and makes eating awkward.

5. You can’t even cut them.

Those tiny bits of skin next to your nails that peel off.

Cant even cut them off properly, gonna be annoying more than hurting for a day or two.

4. Wakes you right up.

That f**king muscle cramp you get in your leg out of nowhere while you’re sleeping.

Istg it’s so painful I jump around in my bed the same way a fish does when it’s pulled out of the water.

3. Sometimes it takes forever to heal, too.

Hitting the back of your hand on something as you walk by. I did that on a metal sink a couple times at work. Metal corner right into the bone on the back of the hand.

Excruciatingly painful.

I accidentally hit the top of my knuckles on a wooden drawer as I was working and the next morning I woke up in excruciating pain and a swollen hand, I couldn’t even open my hand without some pain relievers. It took about an entire year for it to fully heal.

I’m sure I probably should have gone to a doc about it but I feel better now.

2. Truly awful.

Kidney stones. Among other places, they hurt when they pass through the ureter, the duct from the kidney to the bladder.

Why do we even have pain sensors in there?

1. Pimples in general.

those pimples you get inside your nose.

I just popped one INSIDE MY EAR that was right on the cartilage about 10 minutes ago! Hurt like hell, & bled like a stuck pig! The weird thing is, I had another one in the EXACT SAME SPOT on the other ear a couple of days ago… 🙄

I clean my ears every time I shower. How the hell do you prevent this?

Yeah, I’d be fine never experiencing any of this stuff again, y’all.

Is there something else that belongs on this list? If it’s not here, drop it in the comments!