I think we all have those ideas, deep down, that we’re sure are true even though there is absolutely no evidence to support that belief.

If we’re talking big picture, there’s obviously religion, but there are plenty of smaller examples, too.

If you’re curious whether there are people out there who have the same firm beliefs as you, here are 17 people confessing their unshakable (but unsupported) beliefs.

17. I hate to think this could be true.

A supervisor changed my days off at the last minute without telling me in an attempt to get me fired for attendance.

I had that happen to me when I was 19. Thankfully a manager called me at home asking why I was no longer coming in. Told him I was fired for missing a day which I wasn’t scheduled for. He told me to come in the next day to work and he’d deal with the supervisor.

Apparently it wasn’t her first time doing this, but it was her last.

16. Because dogs are the best.

My border collie is waiting for me in heaven.

15. Always take pictures.

I had a manager who wanted me to quit. i was supposed to work on a Thursday and came in to work that day & when i showed them the picture of my schedule from the previous Saturday when it was released, they said that they took me off the schedule the night before and that i had to go home. absolute bulls*%t.

I remember i saw that they whiteout the day i was supposed to work on my schedule and said i was wrong until i showed them a picture from the day before. I still remember they asked “who takes pictures of schedules?”.

14. Stop it.

Mini M&Ms taste much better than regular sized ones.

13. It’s not a terrible idea.

I’m convinced that theme parks/fairs/carnivals pay people to walk around with giant prizes to make the games look more winnable and convince more people to play.

“Tales From the Carnival” by Adam Buckley details the creator’s experience working at a carnival. He said that all the games are rigged and the operators let attractive couples win so they can walk around the carnival with the large prizes as a form of advertising.

12. There is some colloquial evidence.

Big Mac keeps getting smaller.

I can’t vouch for McDonald’s but will say I worked at Arby’s in 2012 as a cook and I remember the district manager coming in and giving us new wrappers for the beef and cheddar sandwiches. Inside each wrapper there was a circle to align the sandwich to the center of the wrapper to you know make it look nice when you had to wrap it up.

When someone ordered a beef and cheddar I grabbed the new wrapper and noticed the bun was much bigger than the circle in the new wrappers where as the old ones aligned perfectly. The district manager then tells me the buns were going to be smaller soon but customers shouldn’t notice because it was only a 1/4″ or so smaller.

I wouldn’t be surprised if other fast food places pulled this. Little by little they make it smaller to where you’d barely notice unless you were told or had the original to compare it with. However the amount of meat you got was still the same at least but the bun was smaller.

I only worked there for three months so I don’t know if they later put a little less meat on it or not. Still wouldn’t surprise me if other fast food places did things like this.

11. They can’t afford to promote him.

I’m being pushed aside for leadership roles at my company because I’m a good reliable worker and they have a shortage of those.

Asked an old boss of mine about something similar and they came straight out with it: “I need you in your current role more than in a higher position.” I was perfectly okay with that, especially a little while later when raises came out.

10. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Lately, Disney has been trying to revive the old “steamboat Willy“ version of Mickey Mouse through merchandise and new cartoons drawn in the old fashion that nobody really asked for.

I think they are doing all of that deliberately so that they can try to fight the scheduled copyright expirations on their old cartoons.

9. I think many of us believe that.

That the leader of Scientology killed his wife and burned the body. And bribed the police to get away with it.

8. Of course the dog knew.

Our dog knew my wife was pregnant before she did. Normally she was a sweet and lazy lovable dumb a** who would hang out with whoever wasn’t moving. (The dog, not the wife) Then one day, she decided she wasn’t going to leave my wife’s side.

She wasn’t aggressive, but she wasn’t going anywhere either. Followed her everywhere for a few weeks, then spousal unit started getting sick, and went to the doctor, and the doctor said “Lets check the obvious”…

And now I have an eight year old daughter, and that dog is her constant companion.

7. It could be…

The big hot pockets from a convenient store have different fillings than the small ones from the grocery store. I swear they taste different.

If they’re different size pockets/boxes they could easily be from a different factory that uses different suppliers.

6. Bless them.

Garbage trucks have loud brakes to give us one last chance to get the bins out.

5. I, too, am suspicious.

Software updates at the end of a product lifetime will brick the device.

My phone randomly updated to a new version without my permission. Hate the new design. And it’s slow as fuck for no reason.

But jokes on them, I can’t even afford to buy a new phone right now!

4. That would make things easier.

Buzz feed employees make askreddit posts to help them write articles.

3. A compulsive liar?

My co-worker lies about her medical conditions. She lies that she has seizures, and while I can’t prove it, I know it’s a lie because she’ll drive the same day that she claims to have a seizure. Any time you mention any medical condition, she has it and it’s worse than your case.

She has mentioned having toxic shock syndrome, colitis, and a bunch of other things I can’t recall at the moment.

One day we were talking about Autism, and she mentioned that her 22 y.o. daughter (who also happens to work with us) was diagnosed as a child. A few days later the daughter casually mentioned that she had found out just recently that she’s Autistic.

I wanted to tell her that she only JUST found out because her mom just recently made that s*%t up.

2. A personal belief.

That my dad might be alive.

He supposedly died in 2009. He was a huge paranoid conspiracy theorist to the point where he would bury his money, planted bushes to hide behind incase the government had a shoot off with him, and at one point thought we all had been replaced by clones.

The only people who saw his body are one of my aunts and my grandma who had Alzheimer’s. They told us he was cremated and at the funeral there was no coffin, no urn, all there was was a black and white photo from when he was 10 (he was born in the 50’s).

I’ve yet to see his urn or death certificate and it’s been 12 years. He had connections to people who could have easily helped him fake his death, he also had the money to do this.

People have also supposedly seen him in Indiana (they took a picture and TBH the guy looks just like him only a bit older, same hunchback, same tattoo on his leg, and he even walked with the same little limp)

1. Poor Wendy.

That my sweet, innocent, shy dog is a diabolical mastermind who creates scenarios that get my hyperactive dog into trouble in order to maintain his “favorite” title among friends and family.

I’ve seen some things.

Poor Wendy.

I’m definitely thinking about some of these a bit closer than ever before, I can tell you that.

Do you have a deep-seated belief that’s completely unsupported by evidence? Our comments are open for more confessions!