14 People Who Achieved Pretty Incredible Things

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut in life, or to believe that we’re too old, too poor, too set in our ways to ever see things change.

The truth is that you’re never too old (or too anything) to do something great – these 14 people’s achievements should definitely inspire you to believe that’s true.

14. A Lebanese artist too debris from a Beirut explosion and turned into something beautiful.

Hayat Nazer designed this stunning statue/tribute.

13. Astronaut Ronald McNair is rightfully remembered.

But he probably could never have imagined it earlier in life.

12. The Greek government appointed an openly gay Prime Minister.

For the very first time ever.

11. A man with Down’s Syndrome completed the Ironman.

I can’t even imagine how many people probably told him it would never happen.

10. Only 2 women have ever won an Emmy for hosting a game show.

One of them was Betty White.

Image Credit: Twitter

9. Malala won a Nobel Prize as a teenager.

Because surviving being shot in the face wasn’t enough of an achievement for her.

8. In 1966, two dogs were launched into space.

They were there for 22 days and returned home safe and sound.

7. A pregnant woman once won 4 gold medals at the Olympics.

I am blown away by this one.

6. Lillian Brown worked as a makeup artist for 9 U.S. Presidents.

And she live to be 106!

5. Rachel Morrison was the first woman to be nominated in the “Best Cinematography” category at the Oscars.

That was just in 2018.

4. Yuichiro Miura had a special relationship with Mount Everest.

I could never do either of these things.

3. David Attenborough has won 3 Oscars.

They’ve all been for “Outstanding Narrator.”

2. Tom and Jerry have won Oscars.

Seven of them, to be precise.

1. Helen Keller once flew a plane.

Yes, the woman who was born both blind and deaf.

I love little facts like these, don’t you?

What’s an achievement that blew your mind? Share it with us in the comments!