13 People Whose Achievements Will Definitely Outlive Them

If there’s one thing I think most people would like to leave behind when they’re gone, it’s a legacy. Whether it’s through a passion, a career, their children – we all want to believe we’ll be remembered into the future.

These 13 people achieved things during their lifetimes that will definitely assure them a place in history – let’s see what it takes!

13. It took until 2021 for Togo to get a female Prime Minister.

Still ahead of the USA.

12. Not a single woman speaks in Lawrence of Arabia.

But editor Anne Coates won an Oscar for her work on the film.

11. Israeli high school students built a working satellite.

We know it works because in 2017, they launched it.

10. Until 2018, no one from the Democratic Republic of the Congo had won a Nobel Peace Prize.

Denis Mukwege changed all of that. Congrats!

9. The first Nobel Prize awarded to an Iraqi happened in 2018.

It went to Nadia Murad.

8. Ang Lee is one of the only Asian directors to win an Oscar for his work.

He’s won two, actually – Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi. Well deserved.

7. This 4-year-old wrote and published a book.

You’re never too young or too old, my friends.

6. One of Uruguay’s best soccer players only had one arm.

Hector Castro helped his country to an Olympic Gold Medal and a FIFA World Cup within two years.


5. Scott Parazynski has been to the top of the world – and out of this world.

Some people never stop looking up.

4. Moldova’s first female President was elected in 2020.

She just made it, too – the swearing in took place on Christmas Eve.

3. An indigenous Australian man won an Archibald Award.

Better late than never.

2. Did you know there’s a World Scrabble Championship?

Wellington Jighere from Nigeria is the first African winner in history.

1. A visually-impaired man won an Olympic Gold for archery.

His name is Im Dong-hyun and he actually won two.

I wish I had known about some of these folks earlier. So impressive.

Which one really knocked your socks off? Share with us in the comments!